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Culture, orruption and Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Culture, orruption and Development - Essay ExampleCulture can be judged by means of religion, lifestyle, literature, music, foods, arts, and architecture, language, fashions, behaviors, rituals, and symbols employed by individuals of a high night club (Tyler 1974). The culture is shifted from generation to the other generation and keeps on changing (Kroeber and Kluckhohn 1952). The topic, which interests me the most, is the association of culture to the development of society and individuals of a society.Culture is an important part of our lives, which is responsible for shaping our personalities (Dabaghian 1970). It enables us to develop into the individuals as we are. People from different cultures are different because of the different societal values that are there because of culture (Tyler 1974). With the help of culture, the development in a society can be judged. With the passage of time, the culture of a society goes through various transactions that are the outcome of fl ip in cultural values because of many reasons (Dabaghian 1970). The reasons that can bring in a change in a culture are an invasion of a country, the impact of global linkage, colonialism and many others (Dabaghian 1970). The change is not necessarily good. The change brought by the usurpation of another culture keeps the ability to annihilate the cultural values of a particular culture or one culture can be unify in another culture and can come out in form of a new culture (Agbaje 1996).While helping a earth in order to develop in terms of technology and advancement, it must be assured that the cultural values of a society are not corrupted because of the technologies (Agbaje 1996). The culture should be retained as such in order to be different or unique.

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Psychology (body satisfaction) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Psychology (body satisfaction) - Essay ExampleAdditionally, it increases to a greater extent when in the presence of physically un assemble peers. It is the goal of this research battleground to test this notion. In so doing, the research will utilize pictures of physically fit and physically unfit individuals. The Body Satisfaction Scale (BSS) will be administered to determine if the viewing of these pictures affected the participants body satisfaction.The participants in this study will be one hundred twenty working adult males and females who will volunteer to participate. The questions raised for investigation in this study necessitated reaching a sample of subjects much more watched in availability than the undergraduate university student samples so often used in social psychological research of this nature. This requirement for subjects will raise some raise sampling problems.Considering the financial constraints of this study, it was not possible to obtain a fully randomi zed sample from one geographical location, e.g. a specific community which would dally a cross-section of individuals from all educational and socio-economic backgrounds. At the same time convenience samples must be avoided. In light of these considerations the decision was made to limit the sample on an employment variable and include only working adults. This control for employment will enable the researcher to seek groups of individuals employed in a single facility as a source of volunteer subjects. The alternative, seeking volunteers from several small captive groups such as service clubs, associations, etc., holds the authorisation of increasing the risks of obtaining convenience samples and bias. The participants for this study will be obtained from two sources The local university and the local shopping and the volunteers will not be paid or differently compensated.MeasuresSatisfaction or dissatisfaction with particular aspects of the body will be assessed using a revised version of the Body Cathexis Scale (BC) developed by Secord and Jourard (1953) and modified by Franzoi & Shields in 1984. The participants will be asked to evaluate each item on a five-point Likert scale ranging, from 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied). ProceduresUpon entering the study room, the volunteers will receive a BC survey, a cover letter explaining the study and an informed consent. For the purposes of conducting a randomized controlled trial, the study subjects will be promiscuously divided into three distinct groups-One control group and two experimental groups. The control group will consist of individuals who will be requested to fill in the BC scale as modified by Franzoi & Shields (1984). One experimental group will be coming into courtn a slide show consisted of pictures of physically fit individuals of both gender and asked to complete the BC survey after viewing those pictures. The final experimental group will be shown a slide show consisting of pict ures of physically unfit individuals and then asked to complete the survey. Upon completion of the surveys, the participants will be informed that they have a right to view the findings of the study and were given a website which will contain the study findings.In briefing the participants on the study, the researcher intends to utilize deception in the form of omission in order to hear the accuracy of the reported results. As such, the study subjec

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Are We Living in a Moral Stone Age Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Are We Living in a Moral quarry Age - Essay ExampleTo illustrate her main argument, the author cites an discourse done by Jay Leno in Tonight Show. Based on this hearing, Sommers points out that the callowness nowadays do not read the Bible, and they cannot tell what is right from wrong. The technique of using the converse is similar to telling an anecdote to attract the interest of her readers. The interview conducted with the two college students serves as the springboard to the discussion. The story attracts the attention of the readers with its humorous yet sarcastic content. The content of the interview also challenges the readers to provide their own response to the interview questions. The interview by Jay Leno functions as logos. It challenges the mind of the readers to think of the right answer to the questions posted by the host. Additionally, the result of the interview provides a basis for the authors argument. Sommers provides the evidence first before explaining he r point. The interview additionally functions as ethos. In particular, the familiarity of the readers with Jay Leno and his program, Tonight Show helps to establish credibility. Sommers relies on the credibility of Jay Leno to initially convince her readers. Nevertheless, all the same those who are not acquainted with Jay Leno and his show would still give merit to the given example taking into consideration that the show appears regularly on TV, and the interview called man-on-the-street is conducted frequently by the host. Readers may opine that a regular show such as Tonight Show will not stay keen-sighted on national TV if it is not plausible enough. Hence, one can claim that Sommers used a very good example to win her readers attention. Sommers progress uses ethos as she mentions being a professor of ethics. This technique establishes her credibility in giving opinions on ethical issues. She cites her personal observations to moreover demonstrate her view. Considering her as a professor, her readers may consider her insights valuable because they are based on her professional experience. Therefore, informing readers of her position as a college professor makes Sommers a more credible and experienced writer in the minds of the readers. Furthermore, Sommers uses pathos to convince her readers. After identifying herself as a professor of ethics, she expresses her concern for the American early days, saying, One of the best things our schools can do for America is to set about repairing it by confronting the moral nihilism that is now the norm for so many students. Coming from a professor, this statement demonstrates that Sommers is genuinely bear on about the morals of students. Noting her concern, readers will be convinced of the authors truthfulness, hence view her as a highly credible writer. Sommers divides her ideas into subheads. Each subheading hints on a different angle of the issue, which allows the author to expound her ideas further. The first subheading is titled, Conceptual Moral Chaos. This part works in two ways. First, it implies the limitations of her scope. Second, it further builds the confidence of her readers on her claim. Reading this part fully will give readers an idea of what Sommers is pertaining to when she claims that young people are morally confused. Her claim about the youth may sound too judgmental for a young reader who would possibly feel skeptical about the claim. However, reading

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Leigh steel Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Leigh steel - Case Study ExampleStandard costing assumes that profitability is linear and make up in labor volumes should increase profitability. This costing method only gets the difference of the selling price and the total expenses.There is an assumption that the overheads argon attributable to reapings forms the primary(prenominal) bases of this model. ABC focuses on the cost of the activities that are involved in production of a product while in ToC costs are associated to the limiting itemors that tinge the optimization of profits. ToC takes into consideration that all limiting factors can be redefined further. ToC is concerned with the time-value for money. It restricts costs to limitations of value of each constraint. These constraints identification is the most crucial part of this theory. The fact is emphasized by the fact the fifth stage of is a continuation of refinement of the constraints. It is important that in further refinement the existing constraints do non become new constraints. If the previous constraints is considered then the cost may attract double cost. Edward states Throughput was defined as quantity of money as profit are maximized by maximizing throughput per unit.Assignment of cost in ABC is made by assigning cost to the various activities, this model assumes that only the activities of production contributes to the cost of the product. This assumptions does not take into consideration the cost of decision making in the company. Decision making on when to produce a product and the product mix based on the volume or expected demand is a key part of ToC. Lehighs decision-making is put into consideration when using ToC in evaluating the cost of inventory valuation. Standard Costing takes into consideration only the pounds weight of the product to calculate its cost. There is no consideration on the cost of decision-making.Is on that point a cost incurred due to demand. Standard Costing at Lehigh,

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Social Entreprenurism Case Study 2 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Social Entreprenurism Case Study 2 - Coursework ExampleFor example, laws are passed to deter cases of unfair interposition to employees while numerous organizations examine the business operations of a company in relation to environmental preservation, use of non-hazardous raw materials, and what not.It is through the marriage of these ii formerly contradictory concepts that social entrepreneurship came to existence. As such, some of the key issues that social entrepreneurship confronts are as follows (1) how important are social values in the system of a companys business strategy? and (2) how do these values guide the overall operations of a companyspecifically, in the way it manages its remote publics?These questions will be answered through a critical examination of the case assignedIbrahim Abouleishs Sekem. In the end, this paper aims to reinforce its thesis that the proper integrating of social values into the business operations of a social effort lies in the adoption of an innovation strategy.According to Leadbeater (2007),a social try offers a new way to do business that is animated by a social purpose (p. 2). Unlike a normal business enterprise that measures its success through the attainment of its set objectives (whether sales growth, market expansion, operational efficiency, or brand building), a social enterprise assesses its success by the validatory social impacts it has contributed to the society. As further commented by Leadbeater (2007), many social enterprises, however, internalise their social mission as they make it central to the way they operate (p. 3). In this regard, profit-maximization is regarded as a tool to further the enterprises social goals.Going back to the case study, it could be claimed that Sekems foundation was built roughly the goal of sustainable human development. Its values, therefore, are rooted on the goal of being able to contribute to the comprehensive development of the

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Communication essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Communication - Essay ExampleConsequently, one becomes alert to the fact that television viewing is a real addiction with dire consequences. Winns title, Cookies or Heroin was definitely an effective strategy in grabbing the audiences attention and propelling them to the end of the article. This strategy was perhaps the main strategy utilise in the text - comparison of television addiction to the worst type of drug addiction in history. Thus, Winn constantly reminded her audience of the adverse effects of television viewing. Conversely, the designer of the video initially presented images to demonstrate that television viewing was an important part of family gathering. It was only half way through the slides that one realized that the author was being deliberately deceptive. The video began with a bombardment of images of families of all creed and races in front of a television watching mindlessly as individuals round nonsense over the tube. All the images merged to one main tel evision where the main actor presented himself as a preacher and pronounces that television viewing had interpreted over reading and every other godly activity known to man. The video ends with the preacher giving life to his message by suggesting that we turn the television off in the midst of his sentence.

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Journal # 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Journal 1 - Essay ExampleInternship is an elemental comp unriv each(prenominal)ednt of nursing leadership where nursing students feature to experience various professional scenarios first hand.The first day of Masters in Nursing Leadership internship at The Lake County Community Health Center multiform meeting Damaris, M. She is the director of the family case management, nurse family, pregnancy prevention and health-works program. The meeting acted as introduction to what the internship entailed including the number of times such meetings were going to take get in a week. A notable engagement during the internship period was taking part in preparing for an upcoming performance review for the department (Clark 72). This created an opportunity for one to learn what is required in the operations of such a department. The internship also offered invaluable pointers onto the viability of my intended project. This was in the sense that it provided for a chance to remedy all the shortc omings of the project. The internship experience worked towards improving the content and context of the nursing leadership