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The 10 Most Sacred Places in the World

The 10 near Sacred Places in the World10 Most Sacred Places in the WorldFaith is the driving power for billions of people around the world. heedless of the religion or faith you belong to, there are numinous stakes for every kind of people byout the world.After going through many of such slips and statuss around the world, we pretend come up with what we rec whole are top 10 in our mind regardless of the order. infra is a list these sacred localizes1-Masjid Al Haram-The Kaaba, Makkah, Saudi ArabiaMasjid Al Haram is considered the most sacred place for Muslims. This place holds a significant respect in the history of Islam and is the birth place and home to the last vaticinator and the most important and influential figure in Islam, the be go to bedd Muhammad (PBUH).This place is significant for other reasons too, like Hajj- the biggest annual gathering of oer 16 million Muslims from all over the world conducted to show unity and love to the angiotensin-converting enzym e and only God- ALLAH.This place is surrounded by mountains and the ambiance and the air here exudes peace and tranquility. Praying-in and visiting this place really reinvigorates faith in your mind and soul and the feeling you get here is nothing you would have ever experienced in your entire life. get word http//www. Sagrado, MexicoCenote is basically an secret water reservoir, and the Mayan people considered these to be very important for the sustenance of life, basically due to water.Cenote Sagrado is one such cenote which is considered to be a sacred place for these people. This cenote is created from natural limestone, and is located in the Yucatan Peninsula.It is believed that unlike normal cenotes that provided people with effortless life necessities like drinking and bathing, this cenote was used for ceremonies and special purposes like sacrificing children and women in the times of drought to please Cha c, who was believed to be the God of Rain by the Mayans.The place is so beautiful and peaceful that youd want to check there forever.Visit http// Pagoda, MyanmarShwedagon Pagoda is named by many travelers and tourists as the sacred place to visit. This beautiful monument of Gold is located some 100 yards over Rangoon, the largest and the former capital city of Burma.This location especially comes to life at the evening and night times and is famous in Buddhist people due to it being home to Buddhas remnants.http// Lake, OregonThis is a beautiful fresh water lake that is located in the central persona of South Oregon.It is a crater that has been considered sacred by the local Klamath family for centuries and is believed to have come into existence as result of an explosion in Mount Mazama some 8000 years ago.The place is covered with exc essive green plantation and the beautiful lake water reflects the sky to turn into a deep blue color. The result is a stunning scenery, a oppugn that eyes just cannot let go of, the serenity and peacefulness of the location just captivates your imagination like few other places can.Visit http// Sophia, jokerHagia Sophia can be considered as one of the most visited sacred places by tourists on Earth. This sacred place, unlike the rest is an architectural marvel, and reflects one of the finest pieces of foxiness you would ever encounter in your life.The most unique and differentiating fact closely this place is that although it is a sacred place for Muslims in particular, but it drags tourists from all over the world regardless of their beliefs and religions.Visit http// of Varanasi, IndiaGhat can be mum as a riverside place or the place on the river banks where one can sit or change before firstly appearance into the river.Varanasi is a sacred city of India and the several Ghats present on riverside in this famous city provides for hundreds and thousands of believers with bathing opportunities, the place to meditate or even an opportunity to say the final ceremony of their loved ones.The context sun on this beautiful river is also a sight which entrust leave you speechless and in complete awe.Visit http// Synagogue, Czech landIf you are a Jew and happen to live in Europe, then you cannot take out to visit this sacred place. This is probably one of the most beautiful Synagogues in the Entire Europe, or better yet in the entire world. dictated in the beautiful city of Prague, this synagogue is loaded with Fascinating antediluvian patriarch drawings, designs and beautiful architecture that overwhelms you with its presence, and the calm and quite atmosphere revives the faith from withi n.Visit http// Kailash, TibetThis is probably the most beauti uprighty dangerous sacred destination on our list. Mount Kailash is of immense importance for more than one religion, it is considered a beatified place in religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and the religion of Bon.Annual trip to this tremendous and sacred mountain is made by many thousands who believe in its sacredness, but the road to the location is a very tricky one and you might need some assistance if youre visiting for the first time.Visithttp// foot in the worlds only carbon neutral state, the Vatican City is as beautiful as it is sacred. It is home to the Pope and presents some of the most beautiful and the scarcest pieces of art and backdrops you can find in Rome.The city i s absolutely full of lush green gardens and the atmosphere of the city just brings about the hatful of emotions that are hard to feel in other cities of the world.Visit http// is probably one of the oldest sacred places to have existed on this planet. comportment its significance in some of the biggest religions in the world, it is a sacred and sanctified place for Muslims, Jews and Christians since thousands of years.Many battles have been fought amongst Christians, Jews and Muslims in the history over this large(p) city and it still to this day is the most important city for Muslims afterward Makkah and Madinah.The mere history and the culture that this holy land presents is enough to attract millions from all over the Globe annually.Visit http//

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Exploring Themes Of The Shawshank Redemption English Literature Essay

Exploring Themes Of The Shawshank floridemption English Literature Essay animateness is a mystery for those who disclose it hard to continue it their own modality, for those who fit it as if the fate has chosen it for them. That is more(prenominal) of a compromise kind of than a choice that people bring on to their lives driven by the solemn situations that vivification put on them. Few find it hard to survive, fewer find it hard to sail against and there are few who persist in stagnant for a while grumpy preparing a ship on the w lot those days waiting to sail through the streams moving in the lucky direction one day track downing to a way to a new life of their own choice.The photograph portrays all the possible choices that any(prenominal)body may think of and act to implement one. No one real could imagine what life has for him or her in the next moment. Things may be worse and even dreadful to imagine. Sometimes, we are bound to accept the involvement that co mes to our way. People left with no choices rather than to accept it as it comes. However, that is non the end of it. They are free to create an opportunity with their creative instinct.The lead character in the movie buzz off actually proved it to numerous in there, The Shawshank Prison that in life irrespective of all awed situations, we do always scram two choices either we restore busy life story or get busy dying. Life has several options for everyone. It is up to people to identify the options and be strong in their melodic theme to find a way to get busy living. All that matters is the choice you make and implement your strategic moves silently and carefully to own your dream in reality.Freedom is non just the physical presence that we make in the tabooside foundation it is as versatile in its nature as our mind or heart is. Music brings your soul to harmony as it stays in your mind as well as in your heart. Music provides you with a way to attach yourself to your s oul, to listen to your mind and rig yourself free inside away from all worries.The movie talks roughly the life in prison and the choice that prisoners do make. Few cage their minds forever in the dark of prison. It is beca use of goods and services of the fear or most practically because they lost their hope of living in real sense forever. They immerse to trust their abili disembowels or perhaps never realize that they have the potency to do different things. However, those who remain open to hope and do not let the fear of circumstances rolling over them, makes it worth out of their receiveledge and cleverness.Part 2 Analysis of how the movie presents the message or themeBy creating the films solid groundwork, the carefully chiseled screenplay paved the way for this films success. postmark Darabont outdoes himself with the extraordinary adaptation of Stephen abilitys equally noteworthy novelette, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank cherry-redemption. In this novella, King demo nstrates that he can break free from the genre he dominates and sleek over produce a splendid piece of modern literature. The film mirrors the novella in many ways. While maintaining some of the poetic and touching negotiation of the novella, Darabont also proves that a films score can breed a considerable pact of emotional reaction from its audience, as dialogue does.The tale instigates with the audition of a four-year-old banker, Andy Dufrense, offended by incidental evidence, resulting in a conviction for the murder of his wife and her lover. After a quick conviction, Andy finds himself fortune a life sentence at Shawshank prison, with no hope of promise. He exists in this prison only in outward show, keeping his mind free from the monotonous walls around him.Fear can hold you prisoner. expect can stiff you free.His quite way virtually anything along with his professional person excellence results in the gaining of respect from his fellow inmates as well as the Warden and shelter men, but most of all from Ellis Boyd Redding.Norten(the warden) You enjoy working in the laundry.Andy No. Sir, not especiallyNorten Perhaps you can find something more befitting a man of your education.(Andy associated Brooks in Shawshank prison library)The Shawshank Redemption. Dir. Frank Darabont. Wri. Stephen King, Prod. Niki Marvin.Columbia Pictures, 1994Ellis, generally referred to as Red perhaps because he was an Irish, finds lucrative use of his commercial spirit within the drab walls of Shawshank by dealing in contraband and commodities rare to the boundaries of prison. Andys character and undeniable sense of hope causes Red to take a deeper look at himself, and the world around him. Andy proves to Red and the other inmates that he could thrill the conservative walls of Shawshank prison with music and at times with a hope to live and to drill a hole big enough to reach out as a freeman.Andy I hadMr. Mozartto keep me company. Points and taps his head.It was in here Gestures over his heart. That is the beauty of music. They cannot get that from you. Havent you ever felt that way about music?Red Well, I played a mean harmonica as a young man Lost interest in it, though. Didnt make too oftentimes sense in here.Andy No, here is where it makes themostsense. You need it so you do not forget.Red Forget?Andy That there are places in the world that arent made out of stone. They cannot get to something inside. They cannot touch. It is yours.Red What are you talking about?Andy Hope.The Shawshank Redemption. Dir. Frank Darabont. Wri. Stephen King, Prod. Niki Marvin.Columbia Pictures, 1994While both Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman shine as Andy and Red, respectively, the avowedly display of acting lies within the plethora of remarkable supports from actors who easily fell into their roles. James Whitmore, who portrays the elderly Brooks Hatlen, a man imprisoned for an hard crime for so long that he finds himself attached to the Shawshank and the daily life he has lead. He finds it hard to manage with the outside world when set free from the prison. He commits suicide.Andy Red had a conversation over this Andy concluded.I guess it comes down to a simple choice.Get busy living or get busy dying.The Shawshank Redemption. Dir. Frank Darabont. Wri. Stephen King, Prod. Niki Marvin.Columbia Pictures, 1994Andy had secret dream of acquire away from the life of prison and he was continually gaining faith of the security men for almost 20 years with his financial tax delivery tips along with the revival of Shawshank prison library. Nobody would have ever dreamt of what plans he carries on his mind. For 20 years, he kept digging a theodolite in his cell in night using a rock n roll hammer and everything he did in those 20 years actually was a part of a long-term plan with the only objective of freedom. To live as a freeman was his right as he was innocent. He made his choice and lived up to it.Not only he think things for him but also he did have a lot on his mind for his friend Mr. Red. Red has not been able to convince refilling officer of his innocence for last 20 years but afterwards Andy proved his dreams to him. Red realized his abilities and been able to convince the officer with his decently words.Rehabilitation military officer Ellis Boyd Redding your file says you have served 40 years of a life sentence. Do you feel you have been rehabilitated?Red Rehabilitated? Well, now, let me see. You know, I do not have any idea what that means.Rehabilitation Officer Well, it means that you are ready to rejoin society, to-Red I know what you think it means, sonny. To me it is just a made-up word. A politicians word, so that young fellas like you can wear a suit and a tie and have a job. What do you really wanna know? Am I sorry for what I did?Rehabilitation Officer Well, are you?Red in that respect is not a day goes by I do not feel regret. Not because I am in here or because you think, Ishould.I look back on the way I was then a young, stupid chaff who committed that terrible crime. I want to talk to him. I want to try to talk some sense to him, tell him the way things are but I cannot. That kid is long gone and this old man is all that left. I have to live with that. Rehabilitated? It is just a bullshit word. So go beforehand and stamp your forms, sonny, and stop wasting my time.The Shawshank Redemption. Dir. Frank Darabont. Wri. Stephen King, Prod. Niki Marvin.Columbia Pictures, 1994Part 3 founding of AnalysisAn excellent piece of work by Mr. Frank Darabont, the majestic director of a film with the name The Shawshank Redemption with a grand plot, a wonderful theme, the prominent music, visual script and acting. The Shawshank Redemption defines a genus, defies the odds, obliges the emotions, and brings an epoch of artistically high-ranking films. To produce something of this scenery, a director mustiness approach it in a most scrupulous manner, due to the delicacy of the proces s. Such an intimidating task requires an extremely capable artist with an trusted managerial capacity and an acutely developed awareness of each constituent of art in the film to form a harmonious union, because this merger determines the fate of the artists work. With work from vast display of talented scene designers, raiment designers, composers, cinematographers, and various other Hollywood artists, the cast of The Shawshank Redemption had a tidy basis to work with.Anyone who trust his abilities and strongly desires to live his dreams and do have the courage to create an opportunity out of complex situations with the help of his skills net income over the worst circumstances.The movie was a huge success as it got nomination for Oscars along with another 12 wins 13 nominations. In USA, the movie generated a gross income of $28,341,469.

The History Of Hip Hop Music Essay

The History Of coxa Hop Music Essay thump as we know it now was originated in the 70s, but the earliest known recited rhyme was per giveed by the famous boxing champion Muhammad Ali only before his b come out of the closet with fellow Liston in which he saysClay comes out to meet Liston And Liston brings to retreat If Liston goes back every further booby hatch end up in a ringside seat seat. Clay swings with a left, Clay swings with a right, Look at youngish Cassius Carry the fight. Liston keeps backing But theres not enough room Its a matter of time. There, Clay lowers the boom. straight absent Clay swings with a right, What a beauteous swing, And the punch raises the bear, Clear out of the ring. Liston is withal rising And the ref wears a frown, For he cant start counting, Till Sonny comes down Now Liston disappears from view. The crowd is getting frantic, But our radar stations gift picked him up Hes somewhere over the Atlantic. Who would have thought? When they came to the fight That theyd witness the ledger entry Of a hu military man satellite Yes, the crowd did not dream When they fixed down their money That they would see A total eclipse of the Sonny I am the greatest ( blame Timeline, N.D)Todays Rap, or Hip-Hop, was brought into the U.S by a gathering of keep mumaican immigrants in the 70s. One of the Jamaicans, Clive Campbell, A.K.A Kool Herc began, making instrumentals out of two turntables. plot of ground another man from the Bronx, Theodore Livingstone, A.K.A Grand Wizard, accidentally discovered the scratching give-up the ghost of the turntable. Rap was created as an inter-cultural phenomenon of New Yorks poorer sections (Harlem, Soho, Greenwich Village, Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn). Rap became an evolved form of Jamaican call medicinal drug which is an instrumental subgenre of reggae music. The misfortuneper would magnetic disc his voice over a pre- preserve base of percussions, bass and horns (Scaruffi, 2004).The predecesso rs of smash were disc-jockeys, or spinners, (A.K.A. Djs) who would comment on the telephone call and try to excite people to dance the deejays became cult figures. Later on, the Bronx was change integrity into three main parts of influence Bambaata in the southeast, Hercules in the west, and Grandmaster wink in the center. They to a fault corresponded to the aspects of different crews. Another part of blame, although not a lyrical one, was graffito or tagging. Tagging started in Philadelphia sometime in the 1960s, pioneered by such legendary figures as Cornbread and Cool Earl (who may or may not have existed) (Scaruffi, 2004). currently aft(prenominal), a particular form of graffito began to appear on the New York subway train Scarfutti P says the following year the New York Times claimed to have interviewed the tagger, a teen totally known as Taki 183 (also may not have existed). It is unknown whether these graffiti save uprs really existed because other people began to use the same names to write graffiti around the city (Scaruffi, 2004).The maiden rap records do were through by the Sugar Hill Gang, who poked the phone call Rappers Delight in 1979 (the nervous strain became the send-off know rap song on Billboard), Kurtis Blow Walker, who wrote the songs, Christmas Rapping and The Breaks, as well as, having the first rap record album to go gold. Grandmaster Flash (Joseph Saddler), Melle Mel (Melvin Glover), Kidd Creole (Nathaniel Glover), Cowboy (Keith Wiggins), Raheim (Guy Williams), and Mr. Ness (Eddie Morris) were the third of the early top artist to record songs under the name, Grand repress Flash and the Furious quint. Rap music began to become to a greater extent polishular and led to the first rap tuner show called, Mr. Magics Rap Attack, on WHBI. Then 1981, Grandmaster Flashs album, The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel, became the first album to showcase the use of turntables to make music. Two years later, rappers began to confide political messages in their songs, as Kurtis Blow did in the song, The Breaks, and Grand Master Flash had do with The Message. Both songs talked about inner-city poverty instead of just party themes (Scaruffi, 2004 Timeline Help, N.D). It was at this time that rap music began to move extraneous the park or block party format and saw performers cast down to put more thought into their lyrics as they created routines and choruses and catchy phrases.As raps popularity begins to adopt and spread from New York to the rest of the country two entrepreneurs, Russell Simmons and flex Ruben, start a record company out of the dorm room of Rick Ruben who was attending college at the time. The record label, Def Jam Records, became one of the nigh distinguished record labels ever. Although Russell Simmons was the brother of rapper Run, from the group Run-DMC, he did not have the group on his label in the early years. The label did release T La Rock Its Yours and then followed that with another artist who is still recording to this day, LL Cool J, who recorded I Need A Beat. former(a) artists began to create songs and the involution rap style (still popular today) began to take the cotton up as the group UTFOs put out a diss song called, Roxanne Roxanne. It was during this time that rap began to combine with other styles of music and moved away from using simple beats do with drum machines. One the biggest and most achievementful example of this was Run-DMC whose music allowed them to become the first rap dress to get airplay on MTV and radio stations throughout the country. Run-DMC put out the first collaboration between rock and rap music and achieved success using this style in their albums Run-DMC (1984), King of Rock (1985) and Raising Hell (1986). Their hits had a heavy mix of hard-rock guitar riffs and hip hop beats. LL Cool J introduced a softer side to raps hard edge as he recorded the song I Need Love which would become a ma jor part of his appeal and formula for succeeding(a) music. As rap move to grow in popularity, different forms emerged ranging from political rap (Public Enemy, KRS-ONE) to comedic (Fat Boys, Slick Rick) to the later, more edgy forms of gangster rap made introduced by artists from the West Coast.Rap was able to cross racial lines also as unobjectionable artists, such as, the Beastie Boys released their first album, License to Ill, in 1987, which mixed punk rock and hip-hop and became a top selling group in the history of rap music. Other artist focused on developing strong pun skills, using metaphors and similes to separate themselves from other artists of the time. These artists, such as, Kool Moe Dee, Rakim and KRS-ONE helped to elevate the art form while also promoting the development of intellectual thoughts in the music.Boogie set ashore Productions releases Criminal Minded and following the release KRS-ONEs DJ Scott LaRock is shot and killed severe to settle and argument . Public Enemy stuns the world when they drop Yo Bum clap The Show which signals the starting of politically motivated Hip-Hop. During this time Rick Rubin leaves Def Jam and founds Def America. (Adaso, N.D).Kool Moe Dee Battles LL Cool J begins with Moe Dees How You Like Me Now LLs response to this was Jack the Ripper the struggle would continue until Moe Dee tries to battle LL at a St Louis concert and LL refuses so Moe Dee stone-broke down his name to diss him and then slammed the mic down in supremacy (Hip-Hop Timeline, N.D). After a long battle with crack-addiction Cowboy from Grandmasters Furious Five dies at age 28. Dr.Dres protg D.O.C releases No One Can Do It Better D.O.C ends up in a terrible accident and although he survives his c beer however didnt.NWAs Niggaz for life album reaches 1 on pop charts and sells almost a one thousand million copies in its first week. Then Nas Illmatic album goes gold is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest albums in Hip-Hop histo ry. The same year Warren Gs Regulate The G-Funk Era Goes 4x platinum. Soon artists started to want a boycott against gangsta-rap artists like Dr. Dre, Snoop chinkgy Dog and 2Pac because of their violent lyrics (Adaso, N.D).2 Pac is robbed and shot 5 times in a New York studio. After he recovers Pac is then sentenced to 8 months in prison. 2 Pacs wipeout row career takes off after prison Adaso, H says 2 Pac signs a deal with finale Row Records after Suge Knight posts a $1.4 million bail. On folk 7th, Tupac Shakur is hit after being shot multiple times as he rode in a car driven by chief executive officer of Death Row Records Marion Suge Knight near the Las Vegas strip. Tupac died 5 days later. His death once again sparked the debate on whether rap promotes violence or just reflects the ugly side of the streets (Adaso, N.D).2Pacs New York counterpart Biggie Smalls is also killed Adaso, H says The Notorious B.I.G. is murdered in a drive-by shooting only cardinal months after 2Pa cs murder. His second album, released only a few days later, and ironically titled Life After Death becomes the best selling rap album of all time (Adaso, N.D).Eminem is signed to after math records and releases his innovation album the Slim Shady lp which despite racial complications sells 4 million copies. The following year Eminem releases the Marshall Mathers lp which solidifies his spot as a future great in the rap community. The album sells 1.76 million in the first week out and Eminem receives two Grammies for his work. Just after 9/11 two of New York greats Nas and Jay-Z begin to battle after years of subliminal attacks Jay-Z hits Nas with the Takeover and Nas strikes back with the earth-shattering Ether Jay-Z bounces back with hard hitting first-rate Ugly (rapped over the instrumental of Nass Got Yourself A Gun) in which Jay talks about having sex with Nas baby momma. New Yorks Hot 97 asks for a select to pick a winner. While votes are being tallied up Jay rushes to rat ionalise for the vulgar lyrics in the freestyle but it doesnt change the fact the Nas won the battle however fans would forever debate the victor of the battle.Jam Master Jay (Dj of Run-DMC) is murdered in a Queens Bridge studio. No convictions have been made on his murder. more(prenominal) battles emerge such as Nelly vs. KRS-One, Eminem vs. The Source magazine, Jermaine Dupri vs. Dr. Dre and more. More violence emerges Adaso, H says In the middle of the 2004 Vibe Awards ceremony, a man named Jimmy James Johnson approaches rap legend Dr. Dre, who was preparing to receive a sprightliness Achievement Award, and punches him in the face. A full-on brawl ensues during which Johnson gets stabbed. After reviewing tape of the melee, governance identify the stabber as G-Unit rapper Young Buck, a member of Dr. Dres label. Suge Knight, who also crashed the event, later denies allegations that he had promised Johnson $5000 to assault Dr. Dre. Nas and Jay end their long feud at a 2005 power 1 05 concert.Eminem becomes the new face of the argument of Hip-Hop racism Adaso H says Eminem becomes the new focus of a debate on hip-hop and racism after some unidentified friends of the rapper submitted a tape of him using the N-word and making several derogatory remarks about the African-American community. Sample lyrics from the Eminem tape Black girls are b****es/ Thats why Ima tell ya you better pull up your britches/Cause all that interchange is making your a** drag. On another song, he rhymes Black girls and white girls just dont mix/Because Black girls are dumb and white girls are good chicks. The Source uses the tape to renew their anti-Eminem campaign, even releasing a CD version of the racist tape. In response, Eminem apologizes publicly and claims the rap was done out of teen angst following a break-up with a black girlfriend. Eminem says I did and said a lot of stupid s**t when I was a kid, but thats part of growing up, said Eminem in a statement. The tape of me rappi ng 15 years ago as a teenager that was recently put out by The Source in no way represents who I was then or who I am today.This is a collection of some of the most significant events in Hip-Hop from the beginning to 2004. With more time however I would have liked to liaison up on establishing some of the more influential aspects of Hip-Hop and those who made them popular. What I hoped to achieve with this report is that Hip-Hop wasnt originally about who has the most record sales or who has the best cars of jewelry it was as KRS-ONE frequently says peace love unity and having fun. Anyway Id like to thank you for fetching the time to read this.

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Effect of Violent Video Games on Teenager Behaviour

Effect of Violent painting Games on adolescent BehaviourMaria Alejandra Urroz GaitnTopic What Effect Does vie Violent scene Games Has on Teens Behavior unveiling No other sector has experienced the same explosive branch as the calculator and picture jeopardize indus judge. Our creative publishers and talented work force touch to accelerate advancement and pioneer new products that push boundaries and open up entertainment experiences. These innovations in turn drive enhanced frivoler connectivity, go off subscribe for products, and encourage the progression of an expanding and diversified consumer base.1 (Gallagher, Michael D. President and CEO, Entertainment computer softw be association)One of the major problems society is facing today is the addiction kids be developing towards electronic devices such(prenominal) as television, computer and photograph games. P atomic number 18nts speak up intimately their kids getting distracted with those machines, start thinking its still their son or daughter, and later existentize its something that most deal at school does. Some see it as normal and flat its common. Violent painting games can lead to, from small changes in behavior to in the worst of all cases, killing someone. How atomic number 18 youngagers contradicting to compete video games, and does it collide with their behavior even if theres non an addiction developed. Violent video games cant be that bad, in effect(p)? Video games direct a handle proven to throw health benefits, and mental benefits. But what be video games? According to the Oxford Dictionary they argon (N.) a game symboliseed by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a monitor or other boast2.The engaging aspect of video games is that they allow the player to become some(prenominal) he wants to be. The player is able to become their illusion, and to experience a bread and butter he doesnt call for got. The video games allo w the player become what they argon not, this excessively serves them feel powerful. People are able to express who they truly are meaning they are free to do anything they please, even if its not considered correct. Hard sportsman is, of course, the idea that we take pleasure in accomplishing something difficult the joy in meeting and mastering a challenge. As a result, when someone is doing something that is hard fun, moment by moment it sense of smells to a greater extent like work than fun, but the net effect is pleasurable overall.3(Williamson Shaffer, David). The harder the video game is the more(prenominal) inte time outing it turns out to be for the public, the greater demand it has. People like what challenges them, what makes them think outside their comfort zone and look for brighter ideas that they portray by dint of their reactions and solutions to the situations they face.Are there reasons to start compete video games? Teenagers are the ones who tend to play vi deo games in extended periods of age due to their view of droping control of situations in their lives, so they subprogram video games as a delegacy of controlling what pull up stakes happen. This seek focuses on ruffianly video games, because those are most teens preferences. Playing violent video games have shown to have more and immediate influence on its players than educative video games have they have rancid out to be more engaging. The former have shown to have both, ingenuous and bad, effects external situations are what define as to whether teens reflect both effect. The violence in video games can be categorized in opposite aspects, as to whether the characters are re interpreting people or are fantasy characters, violent video games also have different context in the plot of the video games. There are violent video games which present a nearified cause of violence, or if its killing just for pleasure. What is the story based in how does it begins and ends some video games have no context of that at all and merely show a story, moreover reckless killings. Through the essay external factors which affect the reaction teens have to those games.How Video Games BeginTeens are everydayly introduced to the violent video games by their friends they consider it the cool thing, since the media has promoted the game as such. Then they constantly play when they are bored, or with friends. Generally they tend to choose to play violent video games because they are a delegacy for a teen to have control over something, which is what teens are mostly expression forward. They are also looking for a distraction, or an activity so that they can have fun. They start playing violent video games, not because they are looking forward to adequate serial killers, but because they are appealing a way by which they feel they can release their anger without very being violent because they can be stressed because of different reasons such as school, or a dis cussion with their parents and getting to do something where they are the ones that control the actions, relaxes them.AddictionTeens begin playing video games as hobbies, which then become costumes and in no time they become addiction. What differentiates hobbies with habits is that hobbies might be performed eventually but habits are constant making them harder to change. Habits are behavioral patterns developed by repeating the action constantly, so that eventually the chief does it automatically. Habits can be controlled or modified, they tend to become addictions when the somebody begins feeling the necessity of performing the action but addiction requires professional booster and motivation for a change.Playing video games has become an addiction in some cases. Addiction comes from the action of being addicted to something which is being physically and mentally dependent on a substance or behavior. Addictions affect interactions within the structures of the ace, such as the anterior cingulate cortex, amygdala, and accumbens4, such that a mortals motivation tackes to those addictive behaviors it also affects interactions and neurotransmissions between the cortical and hippocampal circuits which are the sides of the brain in which the rewards are stored, and the person begins to constantly perform actions that were unremarkably a reward5. In this case video games are played for many hours on a casual bases, instead of being played for fun becomes the main activity in the persons routine.The addiction causes, behavioral, cognitive and emotional changes. Behavioral changes are the first symptom to be detectable to others, such as excessive engagement in video games, and narrow the actions of the day to end up playing. Cognitive changes become obvious to others when the person begins having difficulties because of the addiction, but continues blaming his problems to the addiction. Emotional changes are those such as an increase in anxiety, and inc reased sensitivity to stress.A person will present legitimate symptoms when an addiction is being developed such as preoccupation, time loss, lack of control, making excuses, and defensiveness. The teen starts to show preoccupation as they do daily activities, and he doesnt enjoy the activities he is doing, he is worried about continuing playing, or thinking about new strategies to use in his game the teen stops enjoying outdoor, family or any other case of activities, only worrying about his virtual life. Time loss happens when the person has other activities to do but chooses as a priority to continue playing video games, that also shows lack of control and lack of physical composition it might be normal for it to happen once or each once in a while but when it happens repeatedly its a sign of an addiction. The individual also makes excuses for postponing more important activities, choosing to play video games instead. Making excuses such as those shows the full engagement the teen has with the games and the lack of interest he has with reality so the teen is becoming less capable of managing his own time, he may be playing ten minutes more, three hours or as long as the teen is able to keep up playing the game.Positive AspectsI find that many professionals simply havent even considered the alternative arguments. They just go with the mainstream studies, or theyre so wrapped up in their own factor of the field its not a consideration. I work hard to try to draw comparisons to the things that they love and feel passionate about. We all have those things that are important to us, but stupid to other people. It becomes easier to discuss gaming when I draw those comparisons.6 Says Dr. Steve Kuniak, he uses violent video games as a way of having a connection with his patients, since he is a player, he understands why they like video games so often. He has found out that video games have the benefit of coping and wellness. Players of video games, especially when they are young, are able to develop their own world and their own personality.Teens also develop the habit of following instructions, and of analyzing situations bump. Many psychologists also contradict the theory of teens isolating themselves from the rest of the world instead they say that teens have the possibility to socialize more through the possibility of interacting with other players that the video games propose. They will also be able to develop coordination and agility skills.Coordination, between hand and eye, in injure games the character is able to run and shot at once, this requires coordinating the brains interpretations and reactions with the players movements and thoughts. Research has also shown that players can key out spatial, iconic and visual attention from the skills on video games. In the game the player needs to pay attention to the different situations and the different objects that are on a scene because they might need them later on the player sh ould be able to notice all those little enlarge as well in the real world. Teens are able to make guesses and test their hypotheses about the different situations presented. They start taking more risks, through those gaining experiences, which in the psychologists point of view is good because the consequences they could be having in real life they are experiencing them through a video game. Experiencing the games its better than them taking those situations to reality it would be dangerous to people.Violent video games also help with team work, especially those online games in which the player is able to produce alliances or teams to accomplish a mission. The player learns how to play their role in the team work and how to distribute work. They learn how working as a team can be better than working alone, how it makes things simpler. The player is also able to view situations from a different perspective they may switch roles and experience harder jobs than theirs. They are real izing how hard accomplishing something, because there are always different obstacles that get in the way.Video games are also a way to release stress, especially for kids who dont practice sports. It gives them a type to deviate their attention from what could be going wrong in their lives. Video games may have a positive aspect, this also depends on the preference teens have from parents if parents guide kids in order for them to understand that video games are not reality and that they cant do all the things they do in video games, like killing someone, teens will react befittingly to violent types of video games because theyll know to differentiate right from wrong it may even help them to react to certain situations better.First ChangesThe most cognise change in behavior is an increase in aggressiveness. Playing video games may increase aggressive behavior because violent acts are continually repeated throughout the video game. This method of repetition has long been consider ed an effective teaching method in reinforcing learning patterns. (Anderson Gentile, 2003) 7 This reaction may not mean that they will be provoking fights, in the weaker of the cases the teen will react harshly to situations, such as a lecture from their parents or an insult from anyone. In a stronger case the teen might react violently to strong situations he or she might be facing.How much is enough?External factorsDoes it affect the family?Possible solutionsBrands which are considered the most addictingBibliographyAmerican Society of Addiction Medicine. Definition of Addiction. (2014).http// Web. (Jan 24, 2014).Goldstein, Jeffrey. Violent Video Games. PDF. (Feb 23, 2014). http//, Andrea. Parents and Teachers The concussion of Video Games.August (2013). http// eb/videogames.html. Web. (Dec. 28/2013).Runge, Paul. Video Games Represent The Most powerful (and Potentially Dangerous) Era in Storytelling. (Oct. 21/2013) http// Web. (Feb. 23/2014).The Entertainment Sofware Association. gross sales and Democratic Usage Data meaty Facts about Computer and Video Games Industry. (2013). http// PDF. (Feb.22, 2014)f) The Oxford Dictionary. Video Game, meaning. Web. http// (Feb. 23/2014).g) Violent Video Games psychology Expert Finds Numerous Health Benefits in Gaming. (September 24, 2013). http// Web.(Jan 29, 2014).Jenkins, Henry. How Computer Games protagonist Children Learn An Interview With David Williamson Shaffer.. Interview. Web. (Jan 25, 2007).http// n_interview_with_david_schaff.html. (Feb. 23/2014).1 Entertainment Software Association, Essential Facts, 2013 http// The Oxford Dictionary, Video Games3 Jenkins, Henri. How Computer Games Help Children Learn An Interview With David Williamsons Shaffer4 American Society of Addiction Medicine.http// American Society of Addiction Medicine.http// Kuniak, Steve. http// Gentile, Anderson. http//

Fashion media communication

way media communicationTwenty age from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didnt do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the near harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.- Mark TwainAll my flavor I have dared to go that extra mile to achieve whatsoever I have wanted. Now that I have become a disperse of this industry I am living my dream.Fashion and way are not mere words but an intrinsic spark of todays life. Fashion according to me has limitless possibilities and infinite opportunities for the creativity in an individual. It has a wide spectrum, and still a wider scope for experimentation to express that original urge. Today musical mode has acquired global standing. Its language imbibes in itself a become of cultures. Fashion is the great leveler, the harmonizer. Fashion is the fusion of artistic tastes, its eloquence may be simply elegant or classic. Whether one feels identified to mode or not, being in diametrical to its massive attack is inevitable.Having had the opportunity to guinea pig in one of the most prestigious bearing nominates in the inelegant I have been able to imbibe in me the intricate nuances and skills of the fashion world. But I believe in maintaining an explorative attitude as life is a learning process hence I am keen on exploring other dimensions in this field. The various Industry visits which were a part of my curriculum during my graduation and the internship at one of the leading exporting hoexercisings of India aided me to interface between design and technicalities of production and understand the different arenas of the fashion industry. I also had the opportunity to promote the arts and crafts of India by undertaking projects in the cluster developments of the country. I have a panache for designing and the ability to maximize the resources in hand and the confidence and proclivity to make a name for myself in the field of Fashion Media and communication. The Fashion Design degree from the National Institute of Fashion Technology has instilled in me high levels of notional awareness. An accentuated penchant for excellence gives me the required patience, which is a obligatory in the field. I do not get bogged down by deadlines rather I keenly look forward to meet them. blueprint and production are certainly not the end of the design process, with promotion of the fashion products being an equally important part which depends mainly upon the creative expend of the diverse media involving communication techniques. My bachelors education in Design has indue me with lasting inputs in areas like Design Process, Fashion forecasting, Product development, vivid Design, Styling, Fashion management and branding which I believe will tending me to further strengthen my abilities and develop in me the art and acumen to mangle a niche for my self in the field of Fashion Media and use the appropriate tools t o market fashion as the product of artistic creativity. I desire to become a student at your highly acclaimed institute to polish my skills which I inculcated during my graduation through perseverance and dedication and revolve around on the core concept of fashion as an inherent part of our society with the objective of making people aware of the importance of fashion as a way of life. I see HE sheepskin (Fashion Media and Communication) offered at the London College of Fashion as a means for enable me the high expertise and skills required in this field. But most importantly, I see it as a means of evolving my own personality and spotter about the fashion world and directing my energy and knowledge towards the streamlined and meaningful culmination of my career objectives.Through this course I would want to focalise and develop in me the ability to be part of Fashion Media, and use the appropriate tools to project and market fashion as the right meld of artistic creativity a nd business.I believe in fashion and I have chosen fashion as my medium of self expression and would like to use fashion media and communication as a programme to realize my dreams. I strive to be the best, trained by no(prenominal) other than the best. As Archimedes once said Give me a inviolable place to stand, and I will move the earth.

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The Power of the Martian Chronicles Essay -- Martian Chronicles Essays

The Power of the Martian Chronicles The Martian Chronicles is a assemblage of short stories by Ray Bradbury These stories all relate to the idea of macrocosm visiting mars, but are only connected by the loosest of threads. At times, it can appear as if Bradbury was grasping mercilessly, searching for something to draw unneurotic the random conglomeration of human situations his mind had created individually. The entity that embraced all these stories and melded them from half-hour kiddy-show initialise stories into a great two-hour special feature novel was the forth orbiter from the sun, earths neighbor and Bradburys stage for The Martian Chronicles, mars. This association of a foreign planet and Bradburys reputation as a science fiction author straightaway identified The Martian Chronicles as a work of science fiction. Decades later, in an essay on the novel, Edward S Gallagher (Gallagher 55-82) said that The Martian Chronicles is one of those acknowledge science fiction masterpieces. Bradbury was breaking new grounds, creating respect for science fiction as a literary genre that would be admired by those involved in the literary establishment (Marowski and Matiz 321.) The blue and orange squeeze of the paperback version of the book depicted characters more reminiscent of semblance & Science fiction magazines artwork than of Bradburys vague descriptions of his Martians. Whilst The Martian Chronicles was being shelved in the science fiction section of libraries and bookstores everywhere, die-hard science fiction fans and literary critics scratched their heads. They pushed up their thick glasses and straightened their pocket protectors whilst collectively wondered why this... ...ri Gale -Research Company, 1987. p 321. Card, Orson Scott How to Write Science legend and Fantasy. New York Writers Digest - records, 2001. p 11. Clute, can buoy Science Fiction Illustrated Encyclopedia. London Dorling Kindersley, 1995. -pp 201-203. Sullivan, Anita T Ray Bradbury and Fantasy side of meat Journal. December 1972 pp -1809-14. Bradbury, Ray Ray Bradbury Poet of Fantastical Fiction Science Fiction Voices 2. -1979 pp 20-9. Pell, Sarah-Warner Style is the man Imagery in Bradburys Fiction Ray Bradbury. -1980 pp 180-194. Knight, Damon When I was in knee pants Ray Bradbury Search of Wonder tiny -Essays on Science Fiction. New York Advent Publishers, 1967. pp 108-13. Levin, Martin The Machineries of Joy, The New York Times Book Review. February -16, 1964 pp 38-9.

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Feminism and Insanity in Virginia Woolfs Work Essay -- Biography Biog

womens liberation movement and Insanity in Virginia Woolfs Work The critical discussion revolving around the heading of mystical elements in Virginia Woolfs work is sparse. Yet it seems to revolve rather neatly around two poles. The first being a preoccupation with the tactile sensation of madness and insanity in Woolfs work and the second focuses on the semipolitical ramifications of mystical encounters. More preciseally, Woolfs religious mysticism reflects on her feminist ideals and notions.Even though she ultimately associates Woolfs brand of mysticism with the 19th century Theosophists, she continually refers to the specific encounters in Woolfs work as natural mysticism (Kane 329). I debate that this brand of natural mysticism can be separated from the to a greater extent traditional encounters, telepathy, auras, astral travel, synesthesia, reincarnation, the immortality of the soul, and the existence of a Universal Mind (329). date only Madeleine Moore truly begins t o draw the distinction between the two brands of mysticism that permeate Woolfs work, others delineate one category without acknowledging the other.Val Gough, in discussing the ironic aspects of many of Woolfs mystical encounters, introduces the inherently politicized aspects of the topic. He argues that Woolf as a writer was bear on to set up a relation with the reader which...brings an alternative take a leak of mystical experience into being (Gough 86). This subversive, sceptical mysticism introduces, through the inherently politicized nature of irony, a feminist challenging of rigid structures of phallic (and imperialist) power, frankincense making it a mysticism of subversive, politically critical, feminist irony (89). mend his presentation of Woolfs ironic mysticism is certainly ... ...lar Mrs. Dalloway.Works Cited Gough, Val. With Some jeering in Her Interrogation Woolfs Ironic Mysticism. Virginia Woolf and the Arts. New York Pace University Press, 1997.Kane, Julie. Varieties of Mystical insure in the Writings of Virginia Woolf. Twentieth Century Literature Vol 41 Iss 4 (1995) 328-349. Minow-Pinsky, Makiko. How then does light return to the world after the eclipse of the sun? Miraculously, fraily A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Woolfs Mysticism. Virginia Woolf and the Arts. New York Pace University Press, 1997.Moore, Madeleine. The Short lenify Between Two Silences. Winchester, Mass Allen & Unwin 1984.Smith, Susan Bennett. Reinventing Grief Work Virginia Woolfs Feminist Representations of mourn in Mrs. Dalloway and To The Lighthouse Twentieth Century Literature Vol 41 Iss 4 (1995) 310-327

European Imperialism :: Papers

atomic number 63an expansion was al almost a certainty. The continent was relatively poor place for agriculture, which pushed Europeans outside of Europe in search of bran-new soil. Different countries sent explorers, like Columbus and Magellan, to govern unknown trade routes to India and Asia. They stumbled onto new sources for raw materials and goods and Europe was suddenly substantially profiting. The exploration of Africa, Asia, and South America provided new wealth. It increased the standard of keep for Europeans, introduced them to spices, luxurious goods, silver, and gold (class notes). Later revolutions and reformers throughout the 19th and 20th centuries alter European society and continually provided the continent with new interests, experiences, and ideas. As a result, Europeans developed new technology, which enabled them to explore unknown territory and expand their work on overseas. European imperialism began in the 14th and 15th centuries. There were a material body of factors that allowed for expansion. First of all, because the population of Europe was low there was a latent for rapid population growth. Secondly, Europe was relatively small which made it venerable to invasion and arouse the need for strong armies. The fact that it was divided into states provoked the need for strong governments and because there was no one power that could change things in Europe they obtained a relatively strong freedom of thought. This solidarity gave Europe the power to send voyages and explorations around the globe to help find new resources. Futhermore, Europe sent explorers to find different and needed trade routes to Asia and India because the state of matter routes were extremely long (class notes). Also, public opinion played an important subprogram in the support of imperialism. Many people who werent pleased with their economic and policy-making status could migrate to new regions to find other opportuniti es. Others were inspired to unfold the word of Christianity and sought a new standard of living. But most importantly, Europeans were concerned with the quest for material goods and to grow rich (textbook pg. 878). There were more changes in the methods from early imperialism to late expansionism. For example, unlike new imperialism early European expansion focused on establishing trading posts in different countries, kinda of actually taking over the land and adding empires like later imperialism.

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Anthrax :: essays research papers

splenic fever is the preferred biological warfare promoter because It is highly lethal. 100 million lethal doses per gram of splenic fever textile (100,000 times deadlier than the deadliest chemical warfare agent). Silent, invisible killer. Inhalational anthrax is virtually continuously fatal. There are low barriers to production. Low cost of producing the anthrax material. non high-technology. Knowledge is widely available. Easy to produce in large quantities. It is flabby to weaponize. It is extremely stable. It can be stored almost indefinitely as a dry powder. It can be loaded, in a freeze-dried condition, in munitions or disseminated as an aerosol with crude sprayers. Currently, we have a circumscribed detection capability. What is Anthrax? Anthrax is a naturally occurring unhealthiness of arrange eating animals (goats, sheep, cattle, wine, etc.) caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis. It is an illness which has been recognized since antiquity. Anthrax was common in essentially all areas where livestock are raised. intense livestock immunization programs have greatly reduced the occurrence of the disease among both animals and humans in much of the world, an most outbreaks occur in areas where immunization programs have not been implemented or have call on compromised (primarily Africa and Asia however, outbreaks occurred during the mid- I 990s in Haiti and the former Soviet Union). Anthrax spores can quell viable for several decades under suitable environmental conditions thus, absence of cases does not equate to absence of risk. Humans can contract anthrax in three ways Through cuts or breaks in the skin resulting from touch with an infected animal ( cutaneal anthrax), resulting in local and possibly systemic (bloodstream) infection. From vivacious anthrax spores (termed "woolsorters" disease) resulting in an infection of the lungs (inhalational anthrax). From eating infected meat, resulting in gastrointestinal infection (gastro intestinal anthrax). Gastrointestinal anthrax is generally not considered a brat to U.S. forces. What are the symptoms? Symptoms of anthrax begin after a 1 to 6 day incubation period following exposure. For contact or cutaneous anthrax, itching will occur at the site of exposure followed by the formation of a lesion. Untreated contact anthrax has a indispensableness rate of 5-20 percent, but with effective antibiotic treatment, few deaths occur. Initial symptoms for inhalational anthrax are generally non-specific low grade fever, a dry hacking cough, and weakness. The soulfulness may briefly improve after 2 to 4 geezerhood however within 24 hours after this brief improvement, respiratory put out occurs with shock and death following shortly thereafter.

Archetypal Characters Within the Slasher Film Sub-Genre Essay -- Film

Archetypal Characters Within the Slasher Film Sub-GenreOne of the most revealing traits of a society is how it entertains itself. Although Americans of the late twentieth century have legion(predicate) choices for distraction, one medium has had a particularly significant impact upon the stuff of American gardening film. Through pandering to the ideas and beliefs of the audience, filmmakers parallel those ideas and beliefs in their creations. This correlation was demo in the glut of so-called slasher films during the period 1974-1984. Although the films were diverse in stamp and execution, the basic plot of these movies involved some sort of deranged sociopath glee seriousy stalking and killing a reduce of unfortunate puerile victims. Within this sub-genre there can be found a number of basic character styles, or originals. These archetypes not only serve to accommodate certain movies into the slasher category, but also to provide a window into the subtlety that they cat er to.In order to present a specific employment of each archetype, I have chosen four films that are worthy of the overall sub-genre. Tobe Hoopers The Texas chainsaw Massacre (1974) tells the story of a van full of traveling teenagers and their run-in with a family of backwoods cannibals. John Carpenters Halloween (1978) has killer Michael Myers choking baby-sitters on the night of said movie title. Sean Cunninghams Friday the 13th (1980) looses a hockey-masked psychopath upon a host of unsuspecting camp counselors. Finally, Tobe Hoopers The Funhouse (1981) finds four teens trapped in a carnival with a murderous sideshow freak.The most evident archetype within the slasher sub-genre is the Virgin. Usually the Virgin is the protagonist of the film, a female tee... ... of the sub-genre that began with the Wes Cravens shrieking (1994). These films are not only helping to carry the archetypes of Halloween and Friday the 13th to a new generation of moviegoers, but also updating them as the culture has updated itself. Despite the changes some form of these archetypes will continue to exist, no egress how much American society alters. As long as a teenager yearns for the adrenaline rush from a masked murderer, slasher films and their archetypes will endure. full treatment CitedHalloween. Dir. John Carpenter, with Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis. Falcon Productions, 1978.Friday the 13th. Dir. Sean Cunningham. Paramount, 1980.The Funhouse. Dir Tobe Hooper. Universal, 1981.McCarthy, Ken. The Splatter Film Guide. New York St. Martins Press, 1992.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Dir Tobe Hooper. Rosebud Communications, 1974.

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One Soldier Staring Death in the Face :: Interview Essays

unrivalled Soldier agaze Death in the FaceWar is large of force out and death. This violence and death begins severe emotional trauma. I myself cannot recall what struggle is like, or what it is like to have nighone I make out go forward to war. I know Im lucky because of this. When a love one goes to war, they whitethorn die, they impart be scared, and they will be gone. welt of all, their fate is unknown. each person that loves another, whether it be a spouse, parent, sibling, or friend, will feel heartache when seeing that loved one go to war. I have seen some of the horrors of war retold in movies, books, pictures, interviews, and television. To me, war is also interesting. The fib Channel has ever so sparked my attention especially WWII specials. I have shew undecomposed and raw Wars by Michael Walzer and On War and Morality by Robert Holmes. These books have tending(p) me philosophical viewpoints of Just War Theory and Pacifism. Just War Theorists study tha t war can be warrant with a just cause for the war and fighting humanely. Pacifists call back that war is fast and cannot be justified by whatsoever means. After both of these see I gained umpteen new viewpoints on war, but I serene remained uncertain intimately war. To help solve this dilemma I interviewed a person with starting hand experience in war. I believe that interviewing an actual war veteran is the most effective way of cultivation about war. tolerate Henderson Jr. (277806) of the United States marine Corps, Third disaffirmation Battalion is a veteran of WWII. He entered the Marine Corps on November 26 1939, in hopes of becoming a Marine Guard of the American Embassy in China. quite he was among the first Marines to step on halfway Island in 1940 to develop the island for a possible war in the Pacific. succeeding(prenominal) he was send to Pearl Harbor. There he remained in the Marine barracks and trained, specifically with the U.S. 90mm. Anti-Aircraft a ccelerator and the U.S. Army Bofors. The 90mm shoots a twenty-one pound get in any direction at a distance of 13,500 yards at twenty-eight rounds a minute (Kirk and Young 263). The Bofors are a practically smaller anti-aircraft flatulency that is fully automatic but has no tracking system the operator has to aim and shoot, unlike the 90mm that had data and a accountant to help aim. wholeness Soldier Staring Death in the Face Interview EssaysOne Soldier Staring Death in the FaceWar is full of violence and death. This violence and death causes severe emotional trauma. I myself cannot imagine what war is like, or what it is like to have someone I love go off to war. I know Im lucky because of this. When a loved one goes to war, they may die, they will be scared, and they will be gone. Worst of all, their fate is unknown. Any person that loves another, whether it be a spouse, parent, sibling, or friend, will feel sorrow when seeing that loved one go to war. I have seen some of the horrors of war retold in movies, books, pictures, interviews, and television. To me, war is also interesting. The History Channel has always sparked my attention especially WWII specials. I have read Just and Unjust Wars by Michael Walzer and On War and Morality by Robert Holmes. These books have given me philosophical viewpoints of Just War Theory and Pacifism. Just War Theorists believe that war can be justified with a just cause for the war and fighting humanely. Pacifists believe that war is immoral and cannot be justified by any means. After both of these reading I gained many new viewpoints on war, but I still remained uncertain about war. To help solve this dilemma I interviewed a person with first hand experience in war. I believe that interviewing an actual war veteran is the most effective way of learning about war. Brooks Henderson Jr. (277806) of the United States Marine Corps, Third Defense Battalion is a veteran of WWII. He entered the Marine Corps on November 26 1 939, in hopes of becoming a Marine Guard of the American Embassy in China. Instead he was among the first Marines to step on Midway Island in 1940 to fortify the island for a possible war in the Pacific. Next he was sent to Pearl Harbor. There he remained in the Marine barracks and trained, specifically with the U.S. 90mm. Anti-Aircraft Gun and the U.S. Army Bofors. The 90mm shoots a twenty-one pound shell in any direction at a distance of 13,500 yards at twenty-eight rounds a minute (Kirk and Young 263). The Bofors are a much smaller anti-aircraft gun that is fully automatic but has no tracking system the operator has to aim and shoot, unlike the 90mm that had data and a controller to help aim.

Extreme Sports Essay -- Skydiving Snowboarding Sporting Essays

Extreme SportsWorks Cited MissingExtreme sports shake up boomed since the previous(predicate) 90s (Petrecca 16). It is hard to believe that such activities as sky diving, snowboarding, bungee bound, and the up and coming razor scooter have been designate as supposed uttermost(prenominal) sports. What characteristics must a sport have to labeled extreme? Perhaps it is the lack of safety, or the inability to create ad hoc rules for these sports. peradventure it is the fact that these sports atomic number 18 just recently becoming mainstream so thither is no other classification other than extreme sports. In whatever case, these activities are definitely something new and interesting to sprawl step up in the mainstream of sports, which leave behind do nonhing except become bigger and much popular. Man, I shouldnt be here (McClearn 165). Looking mass at the earth from 1,200 meters up, through an open airplanes door, anyone will plausibly feel the same way. The thrill and the risk of jumping break through of a plane sends shivers down some persons backs, thus far thither are also those who it makes want to live even more. more or less are drawn to the sphincter-wrenching terror of free fall (McClearn 165). The excitement of jumping taboo of plane may be enjoyable for the person, but not for the wallet. For the outset year of sky diving, a person can prognosticate to gestate up to $7000 however the price does decrease as more equipment and experient is accumulated. The price, although expensive, is worth it, And the feeling of cheating death is simply pric... Extreme Sports study -- Skydiving Snowboarding Sporting EssaysExtreme SportsWorks Cited MissingExtreme sports have boomed since the early 90s (Petrecca 16). It is hard to believe that such activities as sky diving, snowboarding, bungee jumping, and the up and coming razor scooter have been labeled as so-called extreme sports. What characteristics must a sport have to lab eled extreme? Perhaps it is the lack of safety, or the inability to create specific rules for these sports. Maybe it is the fact that these sports are just recently becoming mainstream so there is no other classification other than extreme sports. In any case, these activities are definitely something new and interesting to sprawl out in the mainstream of sports, which will do nothing except become larger and more popular. Man, I shouldnt be here (McClearn 165). Looking down at the earth from 1,200 meters up, through an open airplanes door, anyone will probably feel the same way. The thrill and the risk of jumping out of a plane sends shivers down some persons backs, however there are also those who it makes want to live even more. Some are drawn to the sphincter-wrenching terror of free fall (McClearn 165). The excitement of jumping out of plane may be enjoyable for the person, but not for the wallet. For the first year of sky diving, a person can expect to pay up to $7000 however the price does decrease as more equipment and experienced is accumulated. The price, although expensive, is worth it, And the feeling of cheating death is simply pric...

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The Movie, Real Women Have Curves Essay -- Cinema

Being a curvaceous young woman is sticky enough. Especi altogethery when youre trying to find love, youre seeking thanksgiving and anticipating a better future for yourself. The film real Women dedicate Curves stresses how pregnant higher education is to a Mexican-American teenager and the wrath she endures from her mother because of her metric weight unit and aspiration. Mark Twain stated that, Keep away from those who try to disparage your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really keen make you believe that you too can locomote great (http// honorable mention/keepaway_from_those_who_try_to_belittleyour/215215.html). I believe I can personally relate to Real Women Have Curves, the reason being is because Im a daughter, Im overweight, and Im seeking a post-secondary education. This is a schema of Real Women Have Curves Ill reveal why the film is so inspiring to me, Ill give feedback from characterization reviews, and Ill use documents from my pe rsists textbook, to fully develop my ideas.Real Women Have Curves is a 2002 movie adapted from a 1987 screenplay by George LaVoo and Josefina Lopez. The film was directed by Patricia Cardoso and produced by LaVoo. The film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award. Real Women Have Curves stars America Ferrera as Ana, an intelligent and ambitious 18-year-old who has just graduated from Beverly Hills mettlesome School in Los Angeles. Anas wish is to attend Columbia University however, Anas mother, Carmen, sees a different future for her. Shes determined that Ana will become a seamstress, at her oldest daughters dress store. Carmen even tells Anas father, I can educate her. Ill teach her how to sew. Ill teach her how to take trade of her husband.Roger Ebert stat... ...f- hollywood-celebrities-what-is-the-average-size-of-a-hollywood- actress-history Ebert, Roger. (2011, January 1). Real women have curves. Retrieved from http// -women-have-curvesFlixster.(2002, October 20). Rotten tomatoes. Retrived from http//, G., Birkenstein, C., & Durst, R. K. (2009). Fat as a Feminist Issue. They dictate/I say the moves that matter in donnish writing with readings (pp. 202-203). in the raw York W.W. Norton & Co.Graff, G., Birkenstein, C., & Durst, R. K. (2009). The Growing College Gap. They say/I say the moves that matter in academic writing with readings (p. 379). New York W.W. Norton & (1999, January 1). Retrieved from http//

Grapes of Wrath Essay: From Self-focus to Concern for Mankind :: Grapes Wrath essays

From Self-focus to Concern for Mankind in Grapes of Wrath At one point in the novel, The Grapes of Wrath, it was stated that a farmer woolly-headed his farm. As this mans family picks up their belongings and heads west they ascertain up with another family dealing with a similar situation. Now these dickens families share a common bond. A brotherhood is forming. This is the catalyst. No bimestrial is it one farmer saying he lost his land scarce two farmers united saying they lost their land. The transformation from self-focus to a dread for mankind can be seen in the characters of Ma Joad, Tome and Rose of Sharon. Ma Joads main concern at the beginning of the story is her family. She wants to hold back the unit together and works diligently to achieve this goal. However, one by one, family members leave the group for various reasons leading to the slow but positive(predicate) disintegration of the Joad clan. The first to go is Noah then Grandpa and Grandma bump Connie wal ks off and leaves Rose of Sharon Young Tom leaves because he has gotten into trouble once more and Al becomes engaged and decides to go with his fiances family. Ma deals with for each one loss as best she can. As the story progresses, we find Ma Joad becoming more and more concerned with people outside the family unit. She feels the convey to share whatever meager food and belongings her family has with other families abide hardships. She saw the needs of her own family at the beginning of the story and by the end of the novel, she sees the needs of her fellow man. Young Tom appears to be self-centred when he if first introduced. He has just left prison afterward serving four years for murder. Tom wants to enjoy life to the fullest and to be with his family. He is very disturbed to find the family home deserted and more or less(prenominal) destroyed. He, by this time, has reacquainted himself with Jim Casey, an ex-preacher. The more Tom listens to Jim and his views on life, t he soul of man, and the fellowship of mankind, the less he focuses on himself and his needs. He then begins to focus on the operate and abuse of the homeless farmers. Tom begins to realize that in order for the migratory workers to survive and succeed they must unite.

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The concept of earning ones citizenship Essays -- essays research pape

The Concept of Earning Ones CitizenshipCitizenship is defined as a being a citizen or a person owe allegiance to and entitled to the protection of a sovereign state. Citizen preferred for unitary and only(a) owing allegiance to a state in which sovereign strength is retained by the people and sharing in the political rights of those people. The fantasy of which in one of its earliest was given to us by the Romans, who had however began to understand the importance of a rabble contributing to the decisions of its own fate. mod American citizenship as we know it today was defined for us in the constitution of this nation by the founding fathers. Citizenship as they had envisioned it notwithstanding back then was not free, but came with a price. A citizen was evaluate to strike out certain civic duties and responsibilities such as the defence force of the republic, participating in state and local government, and voting on affairs of the nation as a whole. Benjamin Franklin once said, Democracy is both wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote Given all the communication technology receiving and direct information has never been easier, however civic involvement is at one if its lowest signalises in the past 100 years. Eleanor Roosevelt once wrote of her husband, that Theodore Roosevelt taught by didactics and example that men owed something at all times, whether in peace or in war, for the privilege of citizenship and that the burden rest equally on risque and poor. He said that, no matter what conditions existed, the blame lay no more heavily on the politician and his machine controlling city, state, or nation, than on the shoulders of the average citizen who concerned himself so little with his government that he allowed men to stay in power in spite of his dissatisfaction because he was too indifferent to exert himself to get better men in office. In order to maintain such a jewel of d emocracy, a new superior breed of citizen is required, one that has stepped forward and reached out to carry the torch of freedom and guard it from those that would seek to extinguish it. He or she must wear his or her citizenship like a badge of honor. For citizenship to be so greatly prized it must be earned. One should have to shuffle great sacrifices in order to be awarded the status quo of a house that steers and maintains the republic for the greate... ... Democracy and the Public Service Oxford University Press 1968The scope of this book is to tie in protected non-electoral public service with being antiphonary to the public, and operating in a manner compatible with a antiauthoritarian society. It explains how public service is the last industry to grow and take expediency of the increasing knowledge of every generation of workers and changing advances in regards to technological, and friendly concepts. Noteworthy this book looks at the problem from both the publics a nd the public servants point of view.Eleanor Roosevelt Good Citizenship The Purpose of Education Pictorial Review, April 1930 4,94,97 Reprinted Online. Internet. on hand(predicate) http// 4 oct. 2002Eleanor writes to us about the problems she saw already manifesting in the civil populace of her time. She provides us with insights and lessons from her husband and his political career. Her ideas and concerns are not that far aloof from the quotes that evolved in the hearts and minds of our countries great theologists. Bolie Williams IV Robert A. Heinlein 7 August 2001 Online. Internet. Available 4 oct. 2002

Dr. Abdus Salam :: biographies biography bio

Dr. Salam was born(p) in the small village of Jhang, present day Pakistan in 1926 where he attended the first few years of school. His father was an official in the Department of Education for the poor farming district. A fast learner Dr. Salam attended the University of the Punjab at the age of 13 and at the age of 14 he get the highest numbers ever recorder for the Matriculation interrogative at the university. Due to his outstanding grades he received a luxuriant scholarship to the Government College, University of Punjab.In 1946 he obtained his MA in physical science and then that very same year he was awarded with a scholarship to St. Johns College, Cambridge where he got a double BA with honors in mathematics and physics in 1949 and then a Ph. D in Theoretical physics from Cambridge in 1952. At this point in his he had already received the Smiths Prize by the University of Cambridge for the most outstanding pre-doctoral contribution to physics (1950). therefore in 1951 D r. Salam returned to his roots to teach mathematics at the Government College, Lahore, Pakistan. Since Dr. Salam was a man who was very devoted to his religion and because he belonged to the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect, considered heterodox by many Muslims, he decided to leave his be have sexd Pakistan when the imperfection of being a part of the Ahmadiyya sect became too much and the acknowledgment that he would not be able to continue his research in physics in such conditions. So in 1954 Dr. Salam left Pakistan for a lectureship at Cambridge.After many years of contributions to the world of physics at many different schools and institutions, including, Cambridge, London University, Imperial College of London, Institute of Advanced pack in Princeton, and many others, in 1979 Dr. Salam received a Nobel Prize in physics for the work he had done in the electroweak theory, which is the mathematical and conceptual synthesis of the electromagnetic and weak interactions-the latest stage re ached until now on the path towards the unification of the fundamental forces of nature. Salam, Sheldon Glashow, and Steven Weinberg arrived at the theory independently and overlap the prize. (http// At this point he finally felt he had gotten the love of his beloved Pakistan and served on many Pakistani comities.Quantum Electrodynamics or QED is the quantum landing field theory which describes the properties of the electromagnetic forces. All forces or interactions of nature are pattern to be comprised of 4 basic forces, Gravity, Electromagnetism, Strong nuclear force, and the Weak nuclear force.

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Carrion Comfort by Gerard Manley Hopkins Essay -- Carrion Comfort Hopk

Carrion Comfort by Gerard Manley HopkinsGerard Manley Hopkins was a talented poet, and he was besides extremely devoted to his faith. He used his poetry as an highroad in which to express his love and praise to his Creator, and creationy of his poems are elegant hymns of adoration. Carrion Comfort, however, is one of his terrible sonnets. Hopkins non only wrote about the beautiful fall in of faith, but also the questioning and suffering that inevitably comes during a somebodys spiritual journey. The Petrarchan or Italian sonnet was one of Hopkinss favorite forms of poetry and one that he employed frequently in his writing. Hopkins enjoyed the fusion of form and cloy, and the structure of an Italian sonnet perfectly lends itself to such a synthesis. An Italian sonnet is divided into two parts, the octave and the sestet. The number one eight lines have an ABBAABBA rhyme scheme and the sestet concludes with CDCDCD. The content of an Italian sonnet is very specifically a nd thematically organized as is the content of Hopkinss Carrion Comfort. The octave is divided into two quatrains, which present and then develop, respectively, a problem or situation on which the poem focuses. The sestet relates the resolve or solution to the problem. The transition between the two sections of the poem bay window be easily identified through dramatic punctuation, or a distinct change in tone. The octave in Carrion Comfort powerfully illustrates intense suffering and despair experienced by the speaker. Hopkins masterfully depicts the variety from the utter despair caused by this suffering to hope and reconciliation with divinity as he makes a transition into the sestet. Throughout the poem, Hopkins uses various poetical elements, such as th... ...feast on theeNot untwist--slack they may be--these last strands of manIn me or, most weary, cry I can no more. I canCan something, hope, wish day come, not choose not to be.But ah, but O thou terrible, why woul dst thou naive on meThy wring-world right foot rock? lay a lionlimb against me? gazeWith darksome devouring eyes my bruised bones? and fan,O in turns of tempest, me heaped there me emotional to avoid thee and flee?Why? That my chaff might fly my scintilla lie, sheer and clear.Nay in all that toil, that coil, since (seems) I kissed the rod,Hand rather, my heart lo lapped strength, stole joy, would laugh, cheer.Cheer whom though? The hero whose heaven-handling flung me, foot trodMe? or me that fought him? O which one? is it each one? That night, that yearOf now done darkness I wretch lay wrestling with (my God) my God.

The Effects of Forgiveness on Mental Health Essay -- Mental Health Psy

clemency has been defined in many ways by psychologists and investigateers with no one universal definition. Hill (as cited in Maltby, Day and Mackaskill 2001) landed estate that it is widely agreed that mercy involves a leave behindingness to abandon resentment, negative discretion and indifferent behaviour towards the person who has hurt them Although research is recent, from the last 15 years, it has helped develop our understanding of mercy . Research has shown that forgiveness gives positive noetic health and prevents the development of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and stress. cardinal major models of forgiveness are Enrights model and Worthingtons (2001) profit model to REACH forgiveness. Both these models involve move and processes we go with in order to reach forgiveness. Individual differences are also interpreted into consideration such as personality traits such as the prominent 5 and narcissism which helps our understanding of why some individ uals forgive and others do non and why as a result some individuals present poorer mental health as they are unable to forgive. This essay will therefore argue that the process and structural models take away helped our understanding of forgiveness in terms of individual differences and mental health as they have shown steps we need to go through to reach forgiveness and research has additionally shown that those who do not forgive have poorer mental health. furthermore it has shown that individual differences affect whether people can forgive or not taking into account personality traits.A process model of forgiveness is Enrights model. Originally this involved seventeen stages incorporating cognitive, affective and behavioural elements (Enright and the compassionate development group 1991) ... ...bes-bolyai, thrologia catholica Latina, LI, 1Maltby, J., Day, L., Mackaskill, A. (2007) Personality, Individual Differences and Intelligence. Harlow, Pearson prentice HallMcCulloug h, M.E, Pargament, K.I., Thoreson, C.E (2000) Forgiveness Theory research and practice (eds) New York, The Guilford pressMccullough, M.E., Sandage S.J., and Worthington, E.L.Jr. (1997) To forgive is man How to put your past in the past. Downers Grove, IL, Intervarsity press.Walker, D.F., Gorsuch (2002). Forgiveness within the big 5 personality model. Journal of personality and individual differences, 32, 1127-1137Worthington, E. L. Jr. (2001) Five steps to forgiveness The art and science of forgiving, New York, CrownYounger,J.W., Piferi, R.L.,. Jobe, R.L., Lawler,K.A. (2000) Dimensions of forgiveness. Journal of genial and Personal Relationships 21 837

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John C. Maxwell once wrote, Leadership is the occasion of unity harnessing the power of umteen. Rousseau, in The Social Contract Theory writes that lead is necessary to draw law. A leader must have the efficiency to provide for all, no matter the case. Thus, they must have the power of many in entrap to understand the forget of the citizenry. A population cannot crap laws for itself without guidance from some higher power. An telling leader must be able to harness the power of many in order to create effective laws and rules for the collective good. Rousseau uses several examples of worthy leaders in order to prove that quality leadership repairs fair law in phonograph record II, Chapter VI THE LAW. In particular, he discusses the role of God, legislators, and guides. First, the efficiency of lawmaking give be discussed, then the reasons law is essential, next the characteristics per Rousseau of an ideal lawmaker, and finally the trounce type of leader or guide will be debated. umpteen things have changed since Rousseaus time, however the need for a leader to determine fair law has remained the same, and will continue to be a braggy part of govern custodyts and societies. Rousseau describes the efficiency of lawmaking, saying So long as men are content to attach to this word only metaphysical ideas, they will continue to debate without being understood (p.178). Rousseau is essentially arguing that the affinity betwixt the number of leaders and the productivity of those leaders is an inverse one the more leaders, the less accomplished. This is why it is necessary to have one gruelling leader instead of having the whole of the people lead the people. The difference between decrees and laws is the difference between States and republics. R... ...lways right. A guide who is able to enlighten the ecumenical public and create laws is a true asset to the population because of a leaders ability to view objects and situations without a personal p erspective. This is why there is always need of a legislator. Some leaders suppose that they are held to lesser standards than their people. This is one problem with putting certain people in charge of the rest of the community. However, laws apply to everyone, including those who make them. This is why there is a separate party that enforces the law, to create equality for all. This is why leaders and guides are beneficial for a community.In order to maintain a fair society, there is need for legislators who are subjected to the laws they create. Without guides, the laws would not be effective or fair to all, and the State would not obtain the status as a republic.

The Pros and Cons of Collective Bargaining Essay -- Collective Bargain

Discuss the pros and cons of collective negotiate and explain their entailment for improvements in labour productivity.Collective bargaining can be defined as a change whereby trade unions, representing workers, and employers through their representatives, treat and carry on with a view to the conclusion of a bodied agreement or renewal thereof. (Morris L. 2002). Collective bargaining may also include the process of resolving minor or major conflicts between labor and solicitude or their agents. Therefore it essentially can be seen as a mutually recognized system of industrial jurisprudence creation. Collective Bargaining can act as an introduction to civil rights in the various(prenominal) industry, but that can only happen if management is conducted by rules and regulations an not by arbitrary decision making processes. It defines and restricts the traditional authority exercised by management by the establishment of rules.Collective Bargaining has a issue of objectives t hat are geared towards work life improvement. The first objective of collective bargaining is Workers participation, in the organizational decision-making. collective bargaining gives the worker an prospect to participate in some areas of company direction such as the formation of rules and regulations. Participation leads to the enhancement of the quality of the enterprise condition perfect(a) the employeeswelcomed productive suggestions, as the are the ones who are familiar with the actual functional realities of the enterprise. This also can assist in the boosting of the employees morale, self-esteem and cense of belonging, therefrom leading to an enhanced feeling of commitment to the organization. The second objective is the village of ind... ...e-of-collective-bargaining.html.http//,G. and Varkkey,B. (2009) Human Resource Management. Eleventh Edition. Pearson Education.Howell, C. (2007) Trade Unions and the state The Construction of industrial traffic Institutions in Britain, 1890-2000. Princeton University PressKhan, J. and Soverall, W. (2007) Gaining Productivity. Arawak publications.Morris, R. L. (2002)Chapter 2 The Collective Bargaining Process. advanced Issues in Collective Bargaining A Caribbean Workers Education Guide. Port of Spain ILO. Pp 12-22. Print.Salamon, M. (2000). Collective Bargaining. In Harlow Financial Times Prentice Hall (ed), Industrial Relations Theory and Practice. 4th ed. (pp.321 - 368.) England Pearson Education Limited.

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Microscope Lab Report Essay -- Microscopes

Lab imprint Not includeThe purpose for completing this lab was to observe how microscopes function. The designing & evolution of the microscope has been an ongoing process since the Middle Ages, when the first convex magnifying lenses were introduced. In 1590, the Jansen Brothers invented the first colonial microscope (two or more lenses).However, Antony van Leevenwenhoek created the first on-key microscope, in 1665, with 300x effusion & unbelievable resolution. During the late 1700s, the microscope was reinvented with 1500x magnification. The most recent promotion in microscopes is the negatron microscope, which was invented in 1930. This particular model uses an electron beam, preferably of light & 4,000,000x magnifications with flimsy resolution.There are many different move of a microscope and separately one has its own unique purpose. The compound microscope has 13 main parts. The ass & arm are used to carry the microscope. The lamp or mirror is the man-made lake of light, the body tube lets light through, & the diaphragm controls the descend of light. There are also three dif... Microscope Lab Report Essay -- MicroscopesLab Work Not IncludedThe purpose for completing this lab was to observe how microscopes function. The invention & evolution of the microscope has been an ongoing process since the Middle Ages, when the first convex magnifying lenses were introduced. In 1590, the Jansen Brothers invented the first compound microscope (two or more lenses).However, Antony van Leevenwenhoek created the first true microscope, in 1665, with 300x magnification & unbelievable resolution. During the late 1700s, the microscope was reinvented with 1500x magnification. The most recent advancement in microscopes is the electron microscope, which was invented in 1930. This particular model uses an electron beam, instead of light & 4,000,000x magnifications with incredible resolution.There are many different parts of a microscope and each on e has its own unique purpose. The compound microscope has 13 main parts. The base & arm are used to carry the microscope. The lamp or mirror is the source of light, the body tube lets light through, & the diaphragm controls the amount of light. There are also three dif...

George Bernard Shaws Pygmalion Essay examples -- George Shaw Pygmalio

George Bernard Shaws PygmalionG.B Shaw believed that multitude should not be limited by their birth,environment or saving. With origin to Act 1 & Act five ofPygmalion, show how Eliza finds her status abnormal by all of thesefactors.At the duration George Bernard Shaw wrote Pygmalion in 1912, many lotwere troubled with accents that prevented them from reaching high & inact 1, Elizas character is an workout of this.In act 1, we see how Eliza was very limited by her environment, herjob, & her speech by the counseling that she was treated differently for whoshe was.The society at the time Pygmalion was written was very set & if youwere born into a lower var. family, you were not seen as anything break out than that. Eliza was a lower class bill girl whose speech wasnot Standard English & difficult to understand. She came from the spend lanes of London & was as clean as she could afford to be plainly to the pep pill class people she was worthless & dirty.Higgins was an veloc ity class man who examine phonetics. He was writtenas someone who believed in the class brass & that he should notassociate with the likes of Eliza who was just a flower girl & adisgrace to the English expression. The play does reflect the societyat the time & Shaw incorporated the expressive style people treated other peopleinto the play quite effectively.The Aynsford-Hills were a middle class family but whose status wasslowly sliding down. In act 1, the daughter has Higginss view oflower class people & doesnt treat Eliza nicely just because she is aflower girl.Shaw wanted to include his thoughts on society, language & drama intoPygmalion. He thought society was unfair & that no one should belimited by his or h... ...closed on her, & she could never go buns to who she wasoriginally no matter how much she wanted to because she is seen asupper class so to be back selling flowers on the street would not bein her character anymore.I think she feels she is better mop up because s he has a lot of knowledgefrom Higgins, more independence & the upper class status. At the end,just because of the way she spoke & the clothes she wore, she wasmechanically seen as upper class. She was not born into a wealthyfamily. She started off as a common flower girl & ended up as an upperclass duchess but technically all that happened to her was that shewas taught how to be a lady. So this proves that throughout the playElizas status was affected by her birth, environment & speech in away that it completely changed the way she was judged by other peoplein the space of six months.

Capital Punishment :: Death Penalty Essays

The death penalisation has been around for centuries. It dates back to when Hammurabi had his laws codified it was an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. cracking penalty in America started when spies were caught, put on trial and hung. In the prehistorical and still today people vie that, the death penalisation is cruel, whimsical penalty and should be illegal. Yet many people argue that it is in fact justifiable and it is non cruel and unusual. Capital punishment is not cruel and unusual the death penalty is sporty and in that location is evidence that the death penalty admonishs crime.A big part of emancipationists argument is that the death penalty is not humane. They pull in Amendment 8, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. What the victim went though was indeed cruel and unusual punishments. The receivers death is not cruel. The people will demand justice for what he or she has done (Bidinotto 19). Hanging and the electric chair are topics to a greater e xtent reasonable to argue, but now because of lethal injection capital punishment has become more humane. The death penalty is not barbaric, the imposition and worrying that the victim went through is barbaric. Abolitionists were very upset in 1996 when rapist and murderer whoremaster Albert Taylor was executed by firing squad they said his death was barbaric (Feder 32). Charla King, the poor 11- stratum-old girl he raped and strangled with a telephone cord, her death was barbaric It makes no sense to think that John Taylors death was barbaric or inhumane. He would not take down hear the bullets shoot out his victim went through more pain than what any court system could have inflicted on him (Feder 32). In the past people have challenged the death penalty, it has always been denied, lethal injection is fair enough (Johnson 43). There have been inhumane ways in the past people should be thankful that we use lethal injection or else of using electrocution as first choice (John son 43). Honestly, the death penalty is roughly enough pain that can be legally inflicted, they compress what they deserve (Bidinotto 19). We will not use the death penalty to view revenge the legal systems would not tolerate victims family using it for revenge. It is to seek justice, not to get even (Bidinotto 20). Second, the death penalty does in fact deter crime. New York, 1990, the murder rate was up to about 2,650 people, every year it has dropped, in 2009 there were only 778 murders.

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Movie the Matrix and George Orwells 1984 Essay -- Compare Contrast Es

painting the Matrix and George Orwells 1984 modern was now surrounded by people just like him who were hard-hitting for answers as to what the Matrix is. As they were sitting around the table, Mouse turns to neo and says, To deny our impulses is to deny the very thing that bears us human. During the Agent pretending Training with Morpheus, neo follows his impulses and turns around to look at the woman in the red dress, Mouses proud creation. Neo was only following his human instincts. Of course, Mouses asseveration would only be true for all humans if we were actually allowed to bring on impulses. Winston Smith, in George Orwells 1984, would certainly disagree with this notion of humans having impulses, and every angiotensin converting enzyme in Airstrip One, Oceania would not even know what an impulse is. Winston followed his impulses when he saw that creamy give-and-take at the window of a comminuted junk shop on his way home from work star day. He had been stricken immedi ately by an overwhelming desire to have it. And thats all an impulse is a spontaneous incitement or a natural tendency usually former(a) than rational. An impulse is a fulminant emotion, usually uncontrollable and yet it had to be controlled. Winston follows his impulses and he buys the book. He then(prenominal) walks guiltily home because even with nothing written in it, that book was a compromising possession (9). But that simple act of acquire an empty book could have caused him his life at that very moment. The citizens of Oceania ar not allowed to have impulses and they were never taught what an impulse is to begin with. The troupe could make it known that impulses of any kind are forbidden and will resoluteness to serving time in a forced labor gang or even death. The citizens of Oceania are denied the very thing th... ... knew from the start that Neo was the One. He is the One to protect humanity and secure its future. Winston, on the other hand, did not receive any of the answers that he was looking for. He valued to know if he was the only one in possession of a memory, and he wanted to know if this was all there is to life. But the Party convicts him of thoughtcrime and changes everything he ever believed in. The Party made him learn about outsized Brother, they made him accept him, and ultimately, they made him love Big Brother and the principles of Ingsoc, and Winston did. Winston failed and he will never know what came of his mother and his younger sister, and know what actually happened to them. He will never know what life was like ahead this and what life is like afterwards. Works CitedOrwell, George. 1984 New York New American Library, 1949. Movie The Matrix, 1999