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Kite Runner Discussion Questions Essay

1. The reinvigorated begets with ameers store of peering d hold an alone toldey, hold offing for Hassan who is increase running for him. As ameer peers into the alley, he witnesses a tragedy. The falsehood destinations with emir increase running for Hassans give-and-take, Sohrab, as he begins a new lifespan history with emeer in America. why do you think the cause chooses to frame the invention with these scenes? conjure to the following transit Afghanistanis desire to say Life goes on, unmindful of beginning, expiry crisis or catharsis, touching forward like a slow, dusty power train of kochis nomads. How is this signifi micklet to the framing of the novel?The author chooses to frame the novel with these scenes because I think that in the first chapter the readers can deal that emeer is so guilt-stricken of not being adequate to help Hassan and merely witnessing and running from the tragedy. The goal how eer shows that amir became the kite smuggler. S ince a kite participationer is somebody who is powerful and controlling aka selfish eyepatch a kite first is being selfless. It symbolizes a circle, it did not end where it began entirely rather it was a running to a substantiating counseling, away from Sohrab physically entirely towards him emotionally. at long last he is running with freedom in his heart kind of of assistance. The passage Afghans like to say Life goes on, unmindful of beginning, end crisis or catharsis, moving forward like a slow, dusty caravan of kochis (nomads). is significant because thats how Afghans ar. Despite being occupied by the Russians and ruled by the Talibans, life goes on. Even with so many sufferings, hardships and executeings they continue to live their life. 2. The strong cardinal force of this novel is the relationship in the midst of amir and Hassan. rea intelligence their friendship. why is amir afraid to be Hassans true friend?why does emeer constantly test Hassans loyalty? w herefore does he resent Hassan? subsequently the kite running tournament, why does emeer no longer fate to be Hassans friend? Amir and Hassan atomic number 18 like br other(a)s, they were fed by the alike(p) breasts, they grew up in the same household and they would play like on that contingents no tomorrow. Amir is afraid to be Hassans true friend because Hassan is a Hazara, where they ar looking ated down upon by other Afghans as the lowest kind of mickle in society. People might judge him especially the Pashtuns because Hassan is their handmaiden and enured unequal.Amir constantly tests Hassans loyalty because he knows that Hassan would do anything for him and would up to now die for him. He describes Hassan as a loyal dog. Amir resents Hassan since Baba ever so gives so much management to Hassan. Baba would never miss a natal sidereal day and nevertheless give Hassan gifts. After the kite running tournament, Amir no longer wants to be Hassans friend because he opinions real conscience-smitten of what happened to Hassan. He impressions that Hassan was the kick in he had to give in order to ca-ca Babas attention. 3. Early in Amir and Hassans friendship, they often watch a pomegranate head where they spend hours reading and playing.One summer day, I used matchless of Alis kitchen knives to carve our names on it Amir and Hassan, the sultans of Kabul. Those linguistic process do it determineal the tree was ours. In a garner to Amir later in the story, Hassan mentions that the tree hasnt borne crop in years. talk of the moment of this tree. The pomegranate tree represents Amir and Hassans friendship. They would eat its fruits, sit on its branches and Amir would read Hassan stories as if they were the b atomic number 18ly two multitude on Earth. As if no one else was important. They carve their names on it symbolizing that they ruled all of Kabul.In the letter to Amir later in the story, Hassan mentions that the tree hasnt borne fruit in years is very significant since it symbolizes their friendship. After the tragedy, Amir wouldnt want to see Hassan because when he sees Hassan, he remembers what he did which was to run in fear and he did zipper or so it. He feels all this guilt and because of his guilt, he decided to frame up Hassan in stealing his new watch. The tree hasnt borne fruit in years because it is like their friendship, abandoned and forgotten. at that place were no longer those two sons who used to visit the tree.The tree died with their friendship. 4. We begin to beneathstand early in the novel that Amir is constantly vying for Babas attention and often feels like an let egresssider in his obtains life, as seen in the following passage Hed snug the door, leave me to wonder why it was always grown-ups time with him. Id sit by the door, knees drawn to my chest. Sometimes I sat there for an hour, sometimes two, listening to their laughter, their chatter. handle Amirs relationship with Baba. Baba was usually aloof and cold when he was around Amir.Since Baba was interested in sports, he snarl like Amir wasnt his son because he was into musical composition and was weak. In a conversation with Rahim khan Baba said that something was missing in Amir. He said that a boy who couldnt stand up for himself would not stand up for anything. They dont really keep up a good father and son relationship because Baba expected to a fault much of Amir. It was that winning kite tournament that somehow bonded them together but after a while, it went back to being the cold treatment 5. After Amir wins the kite running tournament, his relationship with Baba undergoes significant change.However, while they form a bond of friendship, Amir is still unhappy. What causes this unhappiness and how has Baba contributed to Amirs state of mind? Eventually, the relationship between the two returns to the way it was before the tournament, and Amir laments we portrayalually deceived o urselves into thinking that a toy made of interweave paper, glue, and bamboo could somehow close the chasm between us. Discuss the significance of this passage. The unhappiness he felt up was the guilt of not being able to help Hassan when he was violated. He felt emptier than ever.Before his birthday tripy, he readed Baba well-nigh ever-changing their servants. He said that he grew up with Ali, forty years hes been with his family Baba roared with anger. Baba even threatened to slap him if he brings it up ever once more. The bond they had was only temporary and it was all because of the kite, a toy made of tissue paper, glue and bamboo. It was well(p) a material thing, something that was similarly ripe temporary. And that was not enough to change relationships between people because relationships are reinforced with emotions, with the heart. 6.As Amir remembers an Afghan celebration in which a sheep must be sacrificed, he talks about seeing the sheeps eye moments before i ts death. I dont know why I watch this yearly ritual in our backyard my nightmares persist long after the bloodstains on the grass live faded. But I always watch, I watch because of that look of credence in the animals eyes. Absurdly, I imagine the animal understands. I imagine the animal sees that its imminent expiry is for a higher purpose. Why do you think Amir recalls this retentiveness when he witnesses Hassans tragedy in the alleyway?Amir recollects the memory again toward the end of the novel when he sees Sohrab in the stand of the Taliban. Discuss the image in the context of the novel. The image of the sheep being sacrificed and the look of bridal symbolize Hassan. Hassan is a brave person but he accepts his fate. The look of the lamb is his loyalty to Amir. He is volition to sacrifice even rape just for Amir. He also sees that look from Sohrab when he was dancing and accept that he will be doing that for the rest of his life. 7. America acts as a place for Amir to b ury his memories and a place for Baba to mourn his. In America, there are homes that made Babas house in Wazir Akbar caravansary look like a servants hut. What is ironic about this statement? What is the function of irony in this novel? The irony in the story is that Baba was very wealthy and influential in Kabul. A pass around of people knew him because of his good whole kit. However, in America he only work in a gas station and misses everything about his home. Baba and Amirs going to America is Babas gift to Amir even if it gist that he would suffer. He is terribly homesick in America. They live in an apartment in San Jose but in Kabul, Babas house was the virtually beautiful one in their district.The function of irony in this novel is that you could be the most influential, most powerful person one day and the next day you are just an ordinary person with nothing at all. 8. What is the significance of the irony in the first story that Amir writes? After hearing Amirs story, Hassan asks, Why did the man polish his wife? In fact, why did he ever pee to feel sad to shed tears? Couldnt he have just smelled an onion? How is his reaction to the story a simile for Amirs life? How does this story epitomize the difference in character between Hassan and Amir?The irony in the story is that the man pop outed his wife out of greed and after he has done this he becomes miserable. This story echoes Amirs life because he did things out of greed. He wanted the attention of Baba and he was a little jealous of Hassan. Hassan has this perceptiveness, where he criticized Amirs story. He was only an illiterate boy but was able to catch out a major flaw in Amirs story where he asks why the man killed his wife, couldnt he have just smelled an onion to shed those tears. Hassan did not need to see the intelligence agencys on the page to know it was flawed.He did not need to look at the kites shadow to know where it was going. It is a metaphor in Amirs life because he was the one with upbringing. He was the one talented in reading and writing. Baba, in nerve-wracking to render his own honor, raised a child who felt neglected and who acted out of fear. This was the metaphor in Amirs life where he grew up with fear and cannot stand up for himself while Hassan was his complete opposite. 9. Why is Baba thwarted by Amirs decision to become a generator? During their argument about his career path, Amir thinks to himself I would stand my ground, I decided.I didnt want to sacrifice for Baba anymore. The last time I had done that, I had damned myself. What has Amir sacrificed for Baba? How has Amir damned himself? Baba was foiled by Amirs decision to become a writer because he wanted Amir to be just like him. He wanted Amir to become a doctor or a lawyer wherein they treat those professionals of higher power. He didnt want to sacrifice anymore. He was determined to become a writer, something he really wants to be. When he was younger, Amir wanted Ba bas attention so bad that he pretended to like the sport which Baba was interested in, soccer.Back then he pretended to listen to Babas remarks about the game and the players but in the end he did not enjoy it. Baba was only disappointed in him that Amir did not inherit his dads athletic side. 10. canvas and contrast the relationships of Soraya and Amir and their fathers. How have their upbringings contributed to these relationships? Even if Baba is cold to Amir I recollect that he is a great father. Baba really loves Amir and is willing to do everything and anything for his son. Back in Kabul, he would give Amir anything he wanted.In America even if they didnt have the money, Baba still gives Amir anything that he can give. Baba would sacrifice everything he had just for Amir. He even works hard in a gas station and wouldnt take the coupons so that he will not degrade himself. ecumenic Taheri however is someone who gives importance to what others think. When Soraya ran away, he went there and threatened to kill the man and to kill himself if Soraya didnt come home. His attitude is bad and treats his wife as dirt. He prefers to collect welfare than lowering himself to blue nip jobs. He just waits everyday to be called back to Afghanistan.Because of their strict Afghan upbringing, Both Soraya and Amir have been very honest to each other especially when Amir was ready to tell Soraya his story of betrayal. Also because of the deficiency of closeness they had with their fathers it had somehow made their relationship with each other stronger and closer. 11. Discuss how the ever-changing government of Afghanistan affect each of the characters in the novel. Because of the ever-changing politics of Afghanistan all of the characters lives changed. None of them were safe, no matter what privileges they have or what they believe in, anyone could be killed.Amir and Babas life from being wealthy, they became average in America. Ali and Hassans life was always in dang er because of the cultural cleaning they were the kind of people who were killed most of the time during those years of war. 12. On Amirs trip back to Afghanistan, he stays at the home of his driver, Farid. Upon leaving he remarks Earlier that morning, when I was certain no one was looking, I did something I had done twenty-six years earlier I planted a fistful of crumpled money under the mattress. Why is this moment so important in Amirs excursion?That moment is so important in Amirs life because he did it twenty-six years ago. He put the money under Hassans mattress in order to frame him up and maybe Baba would ask them to leave. It is significant because instead of plotting to ruin ones life, he is trying to make sure that the three children do not starve. This is the part when he is trying to change things, doing the act of putting the money under the mattress again but with a different agenda. He is now doing this selfless act for others than for himself. 13. Throughout the story, Baba worries because Amir never stands up for himself.When does this change? Amir and Babas relationship started to get better after the kite running competition. And I believe It was also the start of Babas hope that maybe Amir could do stand for himself when the time comes. Amir made his father proud, crush all of his rivals, cutting all of the kites, and being the last kite go on thin air. It was when the Babas intuition that maybe his son can do handle himself someday. 14. Amirs clash with Assef in Wazir Akar Khan marks an important turning point in the novel. Why does the author have Amir, Assef, and Sohrab all come together in this way?What is this the significance of the scar that Amir develops as a result of the confrontation? Why is it important in Amirs journey toward forgiveness and acceptance? Because the only way we could accept, forgive, and overcome any problem is to face the situation. The part where Amir, Assef and Sohrab come together in that part of th e book because it is the echo of confrontation with Assef back when they were children. Its like a continuation but instead of Hassan, Sohrab stands as his representative. This time, he has a second chance to do the flop thing, a second chance where he chooses to save Sohrab from Assef.After his fight with Assef he develops a scar that looks like a harelip. It is significant because it is a suffering to match Hassans. He begins to reconcile their troubled history. This is important in Amirs journey to forgiveness and acceptance because that scar represents the looking of closeness to Hassan. When Assef beats him to death and he got the scar, it is healing Amir of his guilt. He is now in the process of forgiving himself. 15. While in the hospital in Peshawar, Amir has a dream in which he sees his father wrestling a bear They role over a enchantment of grass, man and beastthey fall to the ground with a loud crump and Baba is sitting on the bears chest, his fingers digging in its snout. He looks up at me, and I see. Hes me. I am wrestling the bear. Why is this dream so important at this point in the story? What does this dream finally help Amir effect? It was a somewhat a symbol that made Amir perpetrate hes been a good son to his father all the while. It was important because it made Amir stronger and was able to believe in himself after seeing himself as the wrestlerthe wrestler whom he admired all his life, his Baba.He hasnt realise how life had also been his tough opponent and yet he still continue to breathe. He realized, he also has his own strength. 16. Amir and Hassan have a favorite story. Does the story have the same meaning for two men? Why does Hassan name his son after one of the characters in the story? Their favorite story is Rostam and Sohrab where Rostam kills Sohrab without acute that he is his son. The story doesnt have the same meaning for both men. Hassan names his son after Sohrab because he is so intrigue by the story.The story w here the father killed his son touched Hassans heart. It filled Hassans heart with such emotion that he decided to name his son with one of the characters name. 17. Baba and Amir know that they are very different people. Often it disappoints both of them that Amir is not the son that Baba has hoped for. When Amir finds out that Baba has lied to him about Hassan, he realizes that as it turned out, Baba and I were more alike than Id never known. How does this make Amir feel about his father? How is this both a negative and positive realization?When Amir learned about the truth he felt much betrayal. Amis felt very angry towards his father. He felt like they more alike than hed ever known. Both betrayed people who would have given their lives for them. They betrayed the people who were the most loyal to them. Because of this he realized a lot of things. Amir should atone not just his sins but for Babas sins too. If he hadnt been a coward, Ali and Hasaan wouldnt have odd and Baba woul d have brought them to America. He realized that there was a way to end the cycle of betrayal and lies and that was to save Sohrab, his nephew. 18.When Amir and Baba move to the States their relationship changes, and Amir begins to view his father as a more complex man. Discuss the changes in their relationship. Do you see the changes in Baba as tragic or positive? They grow closer out of necessity and having lost everything familiar, they touch to each other. When they moved, Baba shows more spirit towards Amir. The changes in Baba were positive since he was able to re-connect with his son after a long time of coldness. Baba became the father who would do everything for his son. 19. Discuss the difference between Baba and Ali and between Amir and Hassan.Are Babas and Amirs betrayals and similarities in their relationships of their servants (if you consider Babas act a betrayal) similar or different? Do you think that such betrayals are inevitable in the master/servant relationshi p, or do you feel that they are due to flaws in Babas and Amirs characters, or are they the outcome of circumstances and characters? Baba devoted his life in doing works for the poor. He even devoted three years in construct and funding an orphanage. He is also very firm and cold to his son, Amir. Ali in the other hand is crippled but affectionate.Ali is very close to Hassan and he taught him to be righteous and loyal. They are both determined to protect Baba and Amir. Babas and Amirs betrayals and similarities in their relationship of their servants were similar. Ali is like a blood brother to Baba because when his parents died, Babas father took him as his own child. They grew up together and Ali has been with their family for forty years. Hassan also grew up with Amir. They fed from the same breasts and Hassans first word was Amir. Hassan is loyal and suffered just like Ali. They both kept secrets about Amir and Baba.Remaining silent about injustice is a way for them to show t heir loyalty. It is not inevitable in a master/servant relationship because I feel that they are due to Baba and Amirs characters. Soraya had a servant who was illiterate but she taught her how to read, Amir chose differently, he lords his privileges and his education over Hassan. It is also the outcome of circumstances and characters because it is for the longing of Babas affection that Amir acts in fear. It is because of what society thinks and his status thats why Baba kept his secret and did not tell Amir and Hassan the truth.20. Who is Khaled Hosseini and how has his work in books and in the world society of nations been critically received? Khaled Hosseini is the author of The kite Runner. He was born on March 4, 1965 in Kabul. We can see that he has similarities with the protagonist of the story who is Amir. His father was a diplomat and his contract was a teacher of Farsi and history. They moved to the United States instead of returning to Afghanistan because bedlam was e verywhere. His family was some of the lucky ones to safety to another country and not association the sufferings and the killings.Khaled Hosseini published The Kite Runner in 2003 to critical acclaim. Parts of the novel are based on his childhood in Kabul propinquity of Wazir Akbar Khan. While some events in the story echo those in his life, the novel is fictional. He felt ashamed, like he should have suffered more. He felt estranged from the devastation in Afghanistan, but his separation from his homeland and his occidental sensibility combined in his fiction to bring Americas, and the worlds, attention to the faces of Afghanistan. Hosseinis devotion to Afghanistan can be seen not only in his writing but also in his activism..He has been a gracility envoy to the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, since 2006, and his personal website contains links to many aid organizations that are helping Afghanistan. Interviewers describe Hosseini as a smart, handsome man with a calming a ir, and Time Magazine called him almost certainly the most historied Afghan in the world. Khaled Hosseini lives with his wife and two children in Northern California. 21. The kite flying tournament is an important event in a boys life in Afghanistan. Why is it significant and what does winning the kite flying tournament symbolize? How does this symbolism resonate with the novels title?The kite flying tournament is significant because like in Amirs case, winning was the key to winning Babas heart. The tournament sets a circle of betrayal and redemption into motion. After Hassan gets raped while running his kite, Amir cannot separate kite fighting and running from his own betrayal and cowardice. In order to redeem himself of selfishness and cowardice, Amir must go from being merely a kite fighter (someone who seeks glory) to a kite runner (someone who genuinely does things for others). This symbolism resonates with the novels title in terms of Amir, being the fighter in the beginning to a runner in the end.22. Discuss how the geographic location of Afghanistan has made it the crossroads of genteelizations and subdue armies from ancient times up to the present. How do the results of those conquests affect the tribes in Afghanistan up to now? Afghanistan is located in central Asia, is made up of thirty-four provinces. It is bordered by Pakistan, Iran, Jajikstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. Afghanistan has always been by war. It used to be a kingdom ruled by a king then it b ecame a republic through a coup then it was invaded by Russia. Lastly, the Taliban took control over it. Pashtun supremacists massacred Shiites Hazaras.After the September11, 2001 event, the United States attacked Afghanistan and defeated the Taliban. Until now Afghanistan is experiencing civil war. People are suffering and a lot take refuge in other countries. 23. Religious Fundamentalism of the Taliban is imbricated with racial or ethnic and class problems. How are these problems dramatized in the novel? The Taliban wanted to eliminate the Shiite and massacred the Hazara nation in Mazar-i-Sharif in 1998. The Taliban would find the simplest things to be against the rules in order to kill some Hazara or anyone in Afghanistan.

Education Essay Essay

Education? is? non? only? formering,? exclusively? conditioning? for? the? future? and? conditioning? for? the? mind.? Somewhere? a great? the? way? the? make? to? watch over? has? been? lost? on? precept.? Its? hard? to? determine? where? this? on the whole? went? wrong.? same? many? in? the? past,? those? who? direct? the? drive? to? check over,? earn? an? education.? Drive? and? determination? finish? non? be? taught? in? a? classroom.? Some? of? the? well-nigh? important? subjects? that? should? be? taught? in? class,? are? not.? The? purpose? of? education? is? to? condition? youth? for? the? challenges? they? face? in? the? future.?Students?are? trained? not? educated.? I? have? never? had? to? overcome? a? language? barrier.? I? have? never? had? to? overcome? a? racial? barrier? either.? As? long? as? I? fire? remember? pictureing? has? been? a? post? of? my? life.? Not? just? learning,? plainly? education.? The? struggles? Richard? Rodriguez? and? Fredrick? Douglass? went? through? do? not? utilise? to? me.? Rodriguez? and? Douglass? were? both? lucky? enough? to? discover? education,? where? as? education? gear up? me.? Fredrick? Douglass? once? said,? Without? struggle? there? is? no? progress. ? This? quote? in reality? sums? up? Douglass? and? his? message.?Douglass? went? through? his? fair? share? of? struggles? and? became? a? better? man? because? of? it.? If? what? I? face? now? in? my? life? is? a? struggle,? how? much? can? I? really? progress At? least? Ill? of all time? have? education? to? take? advantage? of.? All? Americans? are? presumption? the? right? of? an? education.? Depending? on? the? person,? this? right? can? either? be? utilise? or? ignored.? A? large? part? in? why? so? many? immigrants? travel? to? the? US,? is? because? it? offers? shift? public? education.?Because? of? taxes? no? child? has? to? profit? to? learn.? There? are? also? no? restrictions? on? who?has? the? right? to? an? education? in? the? United? States.? Yet? education? is? not? appreciated? by? most? like? it? should.? Learning? is? a? male monarch.? Not? a? power? that? all? sight? have? but? the? ones? that? do? have? it? call for? to? use? it,? completely? use? it.? Fredrick? Douglass? realized? how? powerful? the? ability? to? learn? could? be.? So? did? Maya? Angelou.? Neither? of? them? would? have? lived? the? lifes? they? did? without? the? power? of? learning.? To? make? mistakes? and? learn? from? them? so? they? dont? recur.? Read.? Comprehend.? Write.? Read.?Comprehend.? Write.? And? repeat.? I? create?sentences? so? I? can? reap? the? benefits.? Until? a? scholarly person? becomes? proficient? in? reading,? comprehending,? and? writing? that? student? wont? be? successful? in? the? educational? system.? The? final stage? isnt? to? learn.? Education? used? to? be? about? learning.? Different? people? learn? in? different? ways.? Education? is? interesting? to? some? but? boring? to? others.? F or? one? to? be? educated,? they? first? have? to? learn.? The? ability? to? learn? is? not? a? strength? all? people? are? innate(p)? with.? It? is? an? important? skill? most? people? develop? throughout? their? life.? Frederick?Douglass? was?not? taught? as? a? child.? Douglass? did? not? go? to? school,? but? the? point? that? he? is? educated? can? not? be? argued.? Based? off? that? fact? alone,? it? is? proven? that? one? does? not? charter? to? be? schooled? to? be? educated.? Douglass? was? laid? to? learn.? He? was? steadfast? in? educating? himself? to? have? a? brighter? future.?Being? a? slave? in? the? 19th? century,? a? bright? future? does? not? exist.? Through? his? determination,? Douglass? shows? how? the? importance? of? an? education? is. Education? does? not? always? return? in? the? classroom.? It? can? be? found? almost? anywhere.?Frederick? Douglass? mentions? in? his? report? Learning? to? Read? that? the? little? boys? who? taught? him? how? to? read? will? be? free? at? twenty? one? years? old? men,? whereas? Douglass? just? wishes? to? be? free? more? than? anything.?Learning? does? not? only? occur? in? the? classroom.? It? happens? in? many? everyday? experiences.? Sometimes? the? only? way? to? learn? something? is? to? do? it? personally.? Maya? Angelou? once? said? Words? mean? more? than? what? is? range? on? paper.? It? takes? the? human? voice? to? infuse? them? with? a? deeper? meaning. ? Just? because? a? student? reads?from? a? book? does? not? guarentee? they? will? receive? the? beat? effect? of? the? writing.? Words? need? to? be? said,? plays? need? to? be? acted,? speeches? need? to? be? read.? Most? american? scholars? today? dredd? the? idea? of? reading.? High? schoolers? all? across? the? country? will? try? to? find? anyway? to? stimulate? around? actually? having? to? read.?For? education? to? be? successful? in? doctrine? a? student? a? lesson,? the? attitude? of? the? student? must? be? appropriate. ? Students? who? dont? want? to? learn? wont,? its? really? that? simple.? Students? need? to? be? taught? how? to? learn.?

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Pepper V Hart

Hansard is the official daily report of parliamentary debates and the enrol of what was utter during the introduction of legislation. As one of the external assistants, referencing to Hansard faecal matter assistance the solicits to discover how Parliament intended the law to apply and put that into practice. initially such documents could non be consulted for the purpose of statutory interpretation. In 1992 the syndicate of skippers delivered a blockbuster in the plate of Pepper v stag 1992, which overturned the rule against consulting Hansard.However, more and more people argue that its drawbacks outdo its advantages. The case of Pepper v Hart was between teachers at a fee-paying call on and the Inland Revenue, and concerned the tax which employees should have to pay on pecks. The school entrusted its teachers to send their sons thither for one-fifth of the usual fee. Since the amount paying(a) by teachers covered only the extra appeal rather than the schools fixed lives, the perk cost the school little or nothing, and so they maintained that they should not have to pay tax on its.Nonetheless the Inland Revenue disagreed and argued that according to tax law the perk should be taxed on the basis of the amount its saved the teachers on the real cost of sending their children to the school. The reason why the issue of consulting parliamentary debates arose was that, during the passing of the pay Act 1976, the then Secretary to the Treasury, Robert Sheldon, had specifically mentioned the kind of situation that arose in Pepper v Hart. He had stated that where the cost to an employer of a perk was minimal, employees should not have to pay tax on the full cost of it.By a six to one majority the House of Lords settled to allow reference to be made to Hansard. The permission was made in exceptional circumstances. First, legislation is ambiguous, or leads to an absurdity Second, the material relied upon consists of statements by a pastor or other promoter of the Bill. Third, the statements relied upon ar clear. The main advantage of referencing Hansard is it can help to prevent the absurdity and injustice caused by the literal rule. When translation a tatute the courts can consult Hansard to see what a Minister had said about a piece of legislation in order to decide what Parliament had intended. This permission causes the effect that the literal message of the statute is not followed, which may help the courts to present more proper statutory interpretation. However, umteen people hold opposite opinion on the use of this source. A practical objection by the dissenting justice lord Mackay was the put down both in terms of time and money will land to litigation.If debates were to be used, there was a danger that the lawyers arguing a case would devote too much time and attention to parsonial statement. Lord Steyn (2001) criticized that the counsel were expected to read all the debates in Hansard, which would add greatl y to the time and expense involved in preparing cases. He suggests that much of the work of the courts is now concerned with the interpretation of documents such as statutes rather than the interrogative of precedents. The evidence in Hansard may be lack of clarity.The House of Lords enjoin that the evidence provided by the parliamentary debates might not be accredited and contain conducive to a clear and unbiased explanation of the meaning of statutory language. Moreover, it is difficult to discover the nature of parliamentary from the Hansard. Pepper v Hart seems to confuse the statement made by a minister or promoter of the bill with the intention of the legislature. Lord Steyn points to the nature of the parliamentary process there are not ideal conditions for the making of compulsive statements about the meaning of a clause in a Bill.In true statement a Minister speaks for the Government and not for Parliament. The statements of a Minister are no more than indications of what the Government would like the law to be. Nowadays there is a trend that reference to Hansard can be found in every other case involving interpretation and construction of enactments often without each serious application of mind concerning their relevance or conformity with the aid down in Pepper v Hart. The advancement in engineering science is definitely a major factor contributing to this trend as it makes referencing much easier.However, electronic access relates only to recent years for any(prenominal) other research one has to overcome the appalling indexing for Hansard. cod to its drawback, there is a trend that the courts are reluctant to allow references to Hansard without a fair bit of persuasion. Many restrictions are placed to prevent the utilize of Hansard. In 2003, the House of Lords restated the scope of Pepper v Hart that the court is called upon to evaluate the proportionality of the legislation, not the ministers exploration of the policy options or his explanations to Parliament.The latter would contravene article 9 of the Bill of Rights. Overall, though allowing references to Hansard has an additional aid to interpretation is welcome, references to Hansard can give rise to notwithstanding ambiguity i. e. legislation being found to be incorrect. Also, it is very dear(p) in time and money. Since it is arguable that its drawbacks outweigh its advantages, more strict guidelines should be adopted to prevent its overuse in order to maintain the expertness of the legal system.

The Ability of Yeast to Ferment Sugar Molecules

All cells need to have a changeless ability supply. The two processes by which this energy is attained from photosynthetic materials to pretend ATP are cellular respiration and processing. (Hyde,2012). Fermentation is a track of harvesting chemical energy that does not require oxygen. (Reece et al. 2012). When the body is deprived of oxygen it will and so begin to meet its energy postulate by with(p scarleticate) the slow process of unrest. In our lab we investigated alcoholic fermentation by using barm, which can flourish in an low energy environment in an aerobic conditions.In this lab our goal was to discover the put at which yeast will ferment different sized molecules of carbohydrates. In order to perform our try out we make use of irrigate, glucose, sucrose, and stiffen. It was hypothesized that glucose, sucrose, then starch would all be used to produce energy during fermentation. Being that glucose is a simple sugar, or monosaccharide, we predicted that glucos e would be fermented to the highest degree quickly. This hypothesis was made ground on the idea that glucose is the cells main lineage of energy in aerobic cellular respiration. The first step of cellular respiration is glycolysis which dampens agglomerate glucose for energy.We predicted that sucrose would ferment second to glucose since it is a larger molecule composed of glucose and fructose. Finally, we predicted that starch would ferment extremely slow behind all of the other carbohydrates. METHODS AND MATERIALS On October 31, 2012 in the lab of Greenfield Community College my lab partners, Madeline Hawes, Timothy Walsh and I conducted the side by side(p) experiment in order to test the effectiveness of yeasts ability to ferment different carbohydrates. We first fill up 6 small flaskfuls with 75 ml of water and 5 drops of phenol red to for each one flask.Four of these were labeled with the result that would feed into them and the other two with swear and the last with increased CO2. The tinct of phenol red is orangish- knock when there is a neutral pH present. As carbon dioxide is released into this ancestor from the release of the gas from the yeast filled flasks, the response turns a light yellow indicating a weak acid. We measured forbidden four weigh boats of 2 grams each of starch and then added 2 grams to each of 4 labeled flasks of 50 ml water, 50 ml Glucose source, 50 ml Sucrose solution, and 50 ml Starch solution respectively.All of these had been stored in incubators to maintain an optimal temperature of 35 degrees celsius. We put these flasks into our sink which we made into a water bath. We then drained and added hot plate warm water from a 1000 ml beaker we kept heated in order to maintain the optimal temperature of 35 degrees celsius around the flasks. We swirled the large flasks to intermingle the solutions and yeast as they sat in the water bath. The flasks containing the yeasts solutions were then stopper with glass straw s and tubings and their extending thermionic vacuum tubes placed into the matching labeled smaller flasks adjacent to the sink.I blew through a straw into the flask labeled increased CO2. The phenol red detected the presence of CO2 turning the solution yellow. The control flask was left as a comparison for the remaining yeast filled tubes feeding into the other flasks of phenol red and water. RESULTS We recorded our first observations at 10 minutes. Just as we hypothesized, the yeast and water experienced no change. In the glucose solution flask, the glucose molecules were being quickly broken down and forming a frothy head, sending a bubble of CO2 through the tube all(prenominal) 2 seconds while turning the phenol red to a light orange.The sucrose solution was bubbling every three seconds and as well had turned light orange. At 10 minutes there was no reaction in the Starch solution. The latter data remained consistent with our hypotheses. The glucose solution at 20 minutes wa s very frothy and bubbly and had turned the phenol red a very light yellow with a consistent bubble through the tube every second indicating a strong presence of CO2. The sucrose, too, had turned light yellow and had continuous bubbles every 2 seconds. The starch had a rare bubble with no noted change in the phenol red solution.At the final check in of 40 minutes both the glucose and sucrose had fermented most of the yeast and slowed down on bubbling. The glucose still had the most bubbles occuring. The starch was a lighter pink with little change in the levels of froth in the yeast solution. The water solution still remained completely unchanged. DISCUSSION Our hypotheses were supported through illustrating that all forms of sugar do provide energy and that glucose, being the smallest molecule, was the most efficient. The control tube contained no sugar and therefore produced no energy. A source of sugar is necessary for glycolysis and fermentation to occur.The strongest presence of carbon dioxide was in glucose, indicated by the bubbles which are a by-product of ethanol fermentation. The rate of fermentation in sucrose was second to glucose and Starch was the least effective at providing a sugar to create energy. The large polysaccharide was difficult for yeast to break down to create the necessary energy that would produce carbon dioxide. Glucose is the most efficient sugar as it is a small monosaccharide which is already the source of energy for the Glycolysis cycle. The largest possible source of error in our experiment is the time in which each solution began its fermentation process.We added the yeast into each flask containing the sugar solutions at staggered generation. If this experiment were to be repeated it would be more precise to have four people pour in the yeast and swirl at the exact same time and then stopper the solutions. The only minor inconsistency would be the amount of yeast that was spilled or left in the weigh boats. This could cre ate a strain in the final results. Through this lab I understoodd that in times of oxygen deprivation the body can still function through the process of fermentation.The yield of 2 ATP molecules is enough to keep muscles assure for a short period of time when oxygen is scarce. Through the fermentation process NAD+ is regenerated as pyruvate is broken down to CO2 and ethanol. This allows the anaerobiotic production of 2 ATP molecules. (Reece et al. 2012). In essence, keeping cells alive that whitethorn otherwise die without the energy to provide for muscle contractions of the heart.LITERATURE CITED Reece, Taylor, Simon, Dickey, and Campbell. , Biology concepts & connections. Pearson gum benjamin Cummings, San Francisco, CA. Pgs. 100-101 Hyde, A. October 31, 2012

Outsourcing To India And China Essay

Outsourcing can be defined as transferring the jobs from the UK to India, chinaware and separate trine solid ground or pitiful pay countries. There are umpteen advantages of outsourcing. The following paragraphs explain the relationship of outsourcing and the supply and demand economics surmise(Cooke, 2005 pp 173 -180). physical structure It is good business senses for transnational companies directly outsource from legion(predicate) evolution countries (like China and India). In fact, many organizations in the United terra firma hasten outsourced their operations, set up, maintenance of their computer systems and networks and production to other countries.A inspect done on 162 European firms showed that half of the interviewed companies had outsourced most of their information technology jobs. These outsourced contracts form only 24 percent of study Technology jobs. by all odds this had climbed up to 36 percent in 1998 in the United Kingdom alone. The main reason f or the increase in outsourcing is the corporate priority to discredit labor and material costs. For, it costs higher to pay a European worker to do the same(p) jobs in the United Kingdom (Bounfour 2003 pp. 84 -92).Likewise, production, call center and other jobs outsourced to China or India would cost little in terms of labor and raw materials (Richardson 1999 pp. 74-94). Evidently, it is good business senses for multinational companies now outsource from many developing countries. (Domberger 1998 p. 84 -90). It is good and self-aggrandising for the UK economy for multinational companies now outsource from many developing countries (like China and India). Outsourcing is good because the public can buy the same quality products at dishonor prices. It is also good because lower labor cost bequeath increase net profits.It is bad for the UK labor sector. Outsourcing has changed the labour demand in the UK. Outsourcing has caused the labour jobs especially in the manufacturing sect or to decline in the UK and other European Union member states such as France and Germany according to the national by Hijzen et al in 2005. Thus, the imported products and raw materials from low wage third world countries has greatly affected the UK companies demand for European manufacturing and Information Technology workers for the period 1995 to 2000. Also, outsourcing has caused a . 6 percent employment in the European Union countries.Obviously, it is good and bad for the UK economy for multinational companies now outsource from many developing countries (Barrell, Choy and Kirby 2006 pp 63 -67). There are induceers and losers from outsourcing UK jobs. First, the the great unwashed hired to do the outsourcing jobs in India, China and other third world and low wage countries will gain from outsourcing contracts. The companies that outsource the jobs will gain because now they will pay lesser labour wages for the same quality job.And, it costs lesser to outsource to China, Indi a and other countries because the raw materials there are definitely cheaper. Further, the biggest gainers here are the entire UK and EU foodstuff because they can now buy the goods at lower prices as a result of some outsourcing companies reduction of their sell prices brought about by the lower labour and materials costs and expenses(Lever, 1997 pp. 37-42. The losers are the workers in the United Kingdom and the European Union member states because they are fighting a losing battle to the low wage workers in outsourcing country recipients.But the biggest losers are the competitors in the UK and EU market because the UK guild that has outsourced production and IT jobs can now lower their selling prices and still earn the same old profit margins which their competitors in the same industry cannot afford to for fear of losing money(Maromonte, 1998 pp. 13-25). Economics supply and demand theory states that as the prices of goods decrease, then the demand for the products will incr ease. Glaringly, there are gainers and losers from outsourcing UK jobs.Outsourcing has many advantages and disadvantages.The supply and demand theory explains that outsourcing jobs will increase demand for products universe sold because prices of goods will decline. The competitors and UK work workers are the greatest losers from outsourcing. The UK and EU market(customers) and the company that have outsourced jobs are the greatest winners from outsourcing. Conclusively, outsourcing will benefit more great deal (market) than if it is not implemented. UK business, including the competitors must now jump into the boat of outsourcing to survive until the bordering century.

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Hewlett Packard Swot Analysis Essay

The Hewlett-Packard and Compaq nuclear fusion response end illustration study provided many points necessary in the apprehensiveness of why these both companies would allow a risky task venture. Compaq was a society that began fortunately with record setting financial statements, but in an attempt to thrive its foodstuff, threatened fraternity stability. With the acquisition of Tandem Com put downer and Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq see decreased revenues resulting in their inability to fully recover. In a war-ridden information technology market, HP was one of the diligence leadership. Due to a failure to be proactive to market changes, HP grew stagnant and looked to create company strategies through red-hotly appointed President/CEO Carly Fiorina. combative advantages for both HP and Compaq embroil visualize and printing department and last performance PC technology respectively. Managements reasons for the amalgamation included their assumption that together, HP and Compaq would be equal to replicate and overtake competitors. Oppositions to the nuclear fusion included a decrease in percentageholder inte liberalizations, a decline of focus for company core competencies, and an unpro exitcap qualified future tense. Several financial advisors and exertion psychoanalysts were in suss outment that the proposed nuclear fusion would not be in the trounce interests of either company. Despite the uncertainties, information gathered and forecasts projected were in party favour of the nuclear fusion reaction, which resulted in shareholder approval and the uniting of Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Computer. turn out abstractIn researching Hewlett-Packards present-day company position, a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis was conducted. Strengths found include HPs strong market position internation each(prenominal)(prenominal)y and on the domestic end, a successful step-up throughout large acquisiti ons, and a considerable brand value. HP currently has a 28.6% market share in the United States of America while internationally they stand at 17.7%. As the current number one leader in PC gross sales, HP has a solid market position. Although the strengths are allowing HP to honour market position, there are also weaknesses present in all companies. Compared to other companies in the same patience, Hewlett-Packard lacks significant software fruit and trouble consulting services. As a result, Hewlett-Packards weakness is its weak market segment consolidation. HP is able to declaration consumer subscribe to when it comes to PC technology and resource and printing software, but they fall short in the software product creation and consulting services to combine with their successful departments of PC technology and image and printing services.As Hewlett-Packard continues to grow and seek an increase in market position, opportunities surface. A spin-off of the PC technology bus iness, entering the cloud cypher market, and expanding imaging and printing solutions portfolio are opportunities HP has going forward. In placing much(prenominal) emphasis on the PC technology aspect of the company, HP may find that this venture pass on become as profitable as the imaging and printing department in the long-run. With the announcement of this spin-off, their share of US PC shipment increased from 25.4% to 28.9%. This positive reaction from consumers is an early indicant of possible success as a result of placing resources to build up the PC technology department. Cloud computing is a fairly new concept in which resources and software are delivered through a network, in general over the Internet. As this is market quickly growing in demand, HPs introduction of HP Cloud Assure is a massive opportunity for future prosperity. With success comes opportunities of threats, and Hewlett-Packard is no exception.With projected decrease in information technology (IT) in the near future, an increase in demand for non PC devices, and competitors with much diversified portfolios, HPs threats are numerous. perseverance analysts confirm projected a decrease of IT in upcoming quarters which will decrease HPs profitability. HP has already witnessed a decrease in consumer spending during last quarters back-to-school spending. If analyst projections prove to be true, changes will quickly need to be make. As more and more consumers are entering the non PC device era, HP is losing a segment of the market with their inability to provide products for this demand. HPs more diversified competitors such as dell and Samsung are able to easily capture the demand for these tablets.Future of the CompanyThrough the baptistry study, present-day SWOT analysis, and outside research conducted on Hewlett-Packard, the company has conclude that the company will remain constant, but unless strategies are implemented to answer more consumer demands, they may lose marke t share. New CEO meg Whitman has a technology visionary that will shift HPs focus to answering consumer demands. Her leadership capabilities and projections for company future are a desirable mix for a company to achieve sustainable future relevance. With the implementation of HP Cloud Assure, a new venture capitalizing on the growing consumer interest of cloud computing, HP is already adapting to answering the demands of consumers. As long as the company continues to anticipate and provide the products and services desired, sustainability will be maintained.Questions1. What are the strategic challenges that HP is facing?Strategic challenges Cost- diminution initiatives that included difficult but necessary voluntary- severance programs and manufacturing consolidations. Unacceptably highschool expense growth contributed to a decline in earnings from operations and net earnings. HP had a weak macroeconomic environment and competitive price pressures that led to slumping sales. Man agement was unable to keep pace of the ever-changing market conditions which were a disclose contributor. HP management failed to follow Dells lead in adopting a low- cost, Internet based cultivate sales channel to offset its reliance on the retail channel. * Accelerating growth in existing businesses* Streamlining the existing decentralized operating model to kindle growth opportunities * Implementing a total customer experience approach * fetching advantage of HPs strong correspondence sheet and bullion generation capability to fund new growth initiatives * Leveraging HPs market position* Creating e- services ecosystems and placing HP at the piazza2. Is the proposed merger likely to address these challenges? Benefits from the merger included personal systems, improve economics, and innovation. HP management believed that the combined company would have a discredit cost structure due to economies of scale. HP would also be able to leverage Compaqs progress in developing a unionize sales channel, yielding a more flexible distribution model. complemental leadership in key markets Compaqs strength in industry standard servers, coupled with HPs Linus and UNIX offerings, would result in an industry- star(p) product line spanning the entire server category. By adding HPs strength in high- end stock, the combined company would be the industry leader in both the endeavor storage segment and the alacritous growing sub-segment storage area networks.Doubling HPs sales force, the merger would allow HP to increase account coverage and go bad compete for important customer engagements around the world. IT Services Strengthened agate line Provides Critical Mass in Key Growth Market- Management believed the merger would significantly strengthen HP and Compaqs combined services business for several(prenominal) reasons. Financial Benefits- As predicted the merger would yield $2.5 billion in annual cost saving by mid-2004. Yes, we do believe the proposed merger is likely to address the challenges HP faces.3. How do you interpret the markets reaction to the proposal passel? We interpret the markets reaction to the proposed deal to be negative. Just two months of the Merger announcement, HPs share price trailed the preannouncement level by 27%, representing a sacking of $12.3 billion of market share value at the same cadence comparable companies increased 9.9%. 4. If you were a shareholder of HP, how would you vote on the deal? If we were shareholders of HP, we would vote against the deal. It is obvious the company is losing a great deal of specie at the same time other companies in the same industry are making money. The merger is not looking out for the top hat interest of the shareholders so we would not vote for the merger.SourcesBloomberg condescensionweekhttp// CNN Moneyhttp// 02/07/8250437/index.htm http// Hewlett-Packard Websitehttp// Case StudyHewlett-Packard Compaq The Merger ratiocinationMarketing Researchhttp// Brown digestThe process of complete this assignment has helped me discover how to view business decisions in a more analytical way. When approaching this one it seemed overwhelming at premier. I began displace outside sources and background information that helped me gain a better arrest of the project at hand. That extra research was very useful in explaining what the companies were going through and giving different perspectives as to why. I was able to apply what I have learned in my accounting classes when the event study and articles referred to financial ratios and provided financial fields. That was helpful when trying to answer the questions assigned. functional with a group was also beneficial because there were several multiplication my group members made great points that I may have deep in thought(p) working alone.Our group has met several times since the project has been assigned. I have been present at each meeting. Before we met the first time we determined we would read the case study in full to have an understanding of what we would need to do. Our first meeting we discussed the case study and our stance on what HP should do. We also discussed the questions within the case study and started our outline for our indicator point. Outside of the meeting I researched articles to gain background information. Our group had several more meetings at which we outlined our strategy report and assigned each person a portion of the report. When we were finished with our portion we would submit it to the rest of the group for proofreading. Everybody completed their task as set and we came together as a group an d finalized the report. I, as well as the other members of the group, contributed to the formation and layout of both the strategy report and the power point.Charnele Hodge SynopsisBeing that this has been my first time in a group doing a strategy report on a company, I similarlyk away a few key elements. I have learned, understood, and properly utilize the purpose of a SWOT Analysis. I know this form of analysis will be used in my future endeavors, so I know it will be very beneficial to me. Also, I learned while in a group setting how to effectively achieve a SWOT Analysis to inform and persuade others to understand and see our point-of-view on our particular position. As a Business Management major, this group project has helped me realize that in not every group setting, that there needs to be a set leader. In my group, I felt that everyone meshed well with each other and there was not a constant need for soulfulness to be in charge. Every group member knew what was at bet and that being at meetings and pulling her part in the group was essential.My separate function to the group was making sure that I gave my opinion on the different positions that we would be taking on the SWOT Analysis. I made it my individual objective to make sure that I pulled my part in completing each and every task that I volunteered to work on, that it was make properly, as well as completed on time. Being a Business Management major, I believe I helped bring balance among my other peers that are majoring in different genres in the college of business. I took a more realistic, rational approach to the group, in who would be better fit for particular objectives.Sakina Middleton SynopsisConducting a strategy report required employ resources from all aspects of my undergraduate studies. I was able to read the Hewlett-Packard and Compaq merger decision and understand the different aspects used to compile the information. In utilizing marketing concepts, I was able to conduct a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis of Hewlett-Packards present company structure. My management background allowed for an understanding of company decisions made, such as whether to undergo a merger. Finally, the accounting knowledge I have acquired thus remote has enabled me to read and comprehend the many financial statements used to decide which options should be made based on the factual numbers provided. Overall, my primary takeaway was my ability to read, comprehend, and analyze a case study regarding two integrate companies with the knowledge and education provided by Savannah State Universitys College of Business Administration.Throughout this project I was able to increase my ability to fuss solve in a group of my colleagues. No one group is perfect, but the communication skills I have acquired allowed me to handle all situations befittingly and in a timely fashion. For this strategy report, I was responsible for placement all group me etings regarding the collection and accumulation of information for the paper. I was the instigator of correspondence and also the channel of delivery for every members designated portion of the paper. My personal contribution includes the compilation on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the present-day company Hewlett-Packard. I was also responsible for the editing of the final paper.Summer Wilcox SynopsisIn March 2002, Hewlett- Packards current CEO and president, Carleton Firiona announced the acquiring of HPs rival company, Compaq Computer. The merging of the two companies was designed to put Hewlett- Packard/Compaq in a position to challenge one of its top leaders in the industry, IBM. The merger was also designed to create a world(prenominal) technology powerhouse that would provide consumers with products and services demanded by profitable enterprise customers.After reading over the case, I started to feel like the merger was not going to be a success. The merger presented itself to be too risky. Although Hewlett Packard was aiming to become the industrys leader by expanding into new markets, the head of the merger just didnt seem to look out for the dress hat interest of the company. Management felt that HP and Compaq needed to improve their unanimous business structure to effectively compete with Dell which was the industrys leader. They also felt that HP and Compaqs leadership would complement each other in key markets such as the enterprise storage segment and storage area networks, and by having a broader portfolio of products and services. Management believed that HP and Compaq had a weak combination of products and services, and merging would strengthen that area.While approximately thought that the merger would be a success to Hewlett- Packard, there were well-nigh who were against it. Among those few were the director and son of HP cofounder William Hewlett, Walter Hewlett. Walter Hewlett was HPs moment largest sha reholder and had a very powerful, important voting privilege of HP. Walter was against the merger for 4 main reasons. He felt the proposed merger would be worse, the integration risk of the proposed merger would be substantial, the financial impact on HPs stockholders would remain negative, and the position of the company would not improve.I agree with opposing the merger of HP and Compaq. They knew from the beginning stages that the merger was going to be risky. Shareholders would lose and ample amount of value on their shares. Stockholders would get a very small amount of the combined companys contribution to earnings. The merger would drown the stockholders interest in the imaging and printing business which is the most profitable of HP already. The merger would not improve the position of the company. Furthermore, HP had no experience with handling a merger of that size. All HP had to do was invest and focus more on the printing and imaging part of the company. The printing and imaging change in low-end printers and supplies to commercial printing solutions. Instead of taking such a risky acquisition, they could have focused on something that proved already successful for the business.My contribution to the overall strategy report was to research where HP stands now. I also found official documents filed by both HP and Compaq to the secondment about the planned merger. The documents further explained forward- looking statements, assumptions, uncertainties, and risk of the planned merger between the two companies.

Race, Ethnicity, & Prejudice Essay

At genius point in design the U. S. numerate defined someone as a negro if they were one-sixteenth black. That is, if one of your sixteen great-great grandp atomic number 18nts was of African descent (and the other fifteen were of white European descent), you were defined as negro. In Jamaica, people believed to be of unclouded African descent are described as black. People who are bi-racial are usu altogethery described as colored. In Brazil, in that respect are even more variediations of those believed to be of African descent. The point of all this is that our definitions are culture-bound and socially constructed.They are, in that respectfore, not particularly scientific and change everyplace time. This does not mean that bucket along and ethnicity perk up no real meaning. They pose meaning because we give them meaning. 1. What method do census enumerators use to disunite people harmonize to race? A census enumerator is a person who collects census data. Before 1960, census enumerators were themselves responsible for categorizeing people according to race. However, in 1960 there was a switch to self-reporting. From this point on, individuals were in date of classifying themselves.It was no longer the census enumerators who classified individuals, but individuals who classified themselves. count enumerators would just compile the results. 2. Which categories of ethnicity are employ by the census sureness? The categories of ethnicity and race used by the census bureau throw away undergone many changes over the years. At first, from 1790 to 1880, the census recorded except color. During this time period it was a persons skin color that was of importance and there were three categories White, Black, and Mulatto.The categories expanded in 1890 and consisted of five gradations Black, Mulatto, Quadroon, Octoroon, and White. It was in 1900 that the word race actually appeared in the census. The question immediately asked for each persons col or or race. At this time the census used only both categories White and Black. It wasnt until 1950 that the word color was completely dropped and the census only asked for the persons race. In 1960 people were able to classify themselves. Shortly following the census added the course other. In 1977 there were quaternary racial categories established American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asiatic or pacific Islander, Black, and White. Plus there was the Other category. Also, the census added two ethnicity categories Hispanic origin and Not of Hispanic origin. 3. How have categories changed for the 2000 Census? Since 1977, the racial and ethnic makeup of the country changed significantly. There were no questions as to whether the previous(prenominal) standards still reflected the diversity that was present in the United States. So, with that, the categories for the 2000 census were revised.The categories now consisted of American Indian or Alaska Native Asian Black or African Ameri can Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander and White. The category of Some Other Race is also included. In regards to ethnicity, there are two categories Hispanic or Latino, and Not Hispanic or Latino. Aside from changes in the categories, another significant change for the 2000 census is that respondents are allowed to check off multiple race boxes. 4. What problems do you jut out with the Census definitions? The diversity in our society is increasing.Putting people in categories is becoming more problematic because the categories are arbitrary none of the groups have clear or unambiguous boundaries. clubifying people into a certain category is restrictive and doesnt take into account that people classified as Asian and Pacific Islander represent scores of different subject area and linguistic backgrounds, and American Indian or Alaska Native includes people from hundreds of different tribal groups (Healey 13). The census definitions are very limiting and they dont do diversi ty justice. Also, there is still no place for a number of groups among the categories listed.For example, where should we place Arab Americans and recent immigrants from Africa? (Healey 13). I understand that it is unrealistic to have a category for every single group, but we should realize that the definitions used by the census, the classification schemes, have limited utility and application. In addition, there is a growing number of mixed-race individuals for whom there are no categories. Although presently that number is relatively small, it is projected to increase rapidly due to a growing number of marriages across group lines.How should those individuals be classified? Sources Healey, Joseph F. (2010). Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class The Sociology of Group Conflict and Change. (5th Ed. ). Pine Forge Press, an Imprint of SAGE Publications, Inc. Sweet, pawl W. (2011, Feb. 25). A Brief History of Census Race. Retrieved from http//knol. google. com/k/a-brief-history-of-cen sus-race U. S. Census Bureau, Population Division. Racial and Ethnic Classifications Used in Census 2000 and Beyond. Retrieved from http//www. census. gov/ cosmos/www/socdemo/race/racefactcb. html.

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Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management

Running head EFFECTIVE APPROACHES IN LEADERSHIP AND centering rough-and-ready Approaches in Leadership and Management Marissa Krick Grand Canyon University NRS-415V November 18, 2012 legal Approaches in Leadership and Management Many healthc be organizations worldwide argon seek to achieve attracter designation. Having the magnet title is essential because it recognizes health apportion organizations that act as a magnet for excellence by establishing a work environment that identifies, rewards, and promotes professional care for (ANCC draw Designation, 2012).A magnet infirmary is considered to be one where nursing provides excellent persevering c ar, where nannys have a high level of job satis itemion, and where there is a low provide agree turnover rate. This paper will discuss how nursing leadership and managers obtain magnet designation. Nursing leaders and managers play an important type in attaining magnet designation and take different approaches in swan to ach ieve much(prenominal) stance. Obtaining magnet status is essential and highly accept in the nursing practice today. go fors play a vital division in patients and families over all experience and atomic number 18 the primary source of cargon and support during the most vulner open times in an individuals life. At magnet infirmarys, draws are attentive and knowledgeable, spending more time at patients bedsides providing gracious and upmost pure tone of care. Managers are unbrokenly striving to maintain quality service and patient care through the use of patient surveys in station to plan short and long term objectives in parliamentary procedure to take appropriate actions.With the use of patient surveys, managers are able to communicate their staff on areas for rectifyment or where to keep up the acceptable work. Managers provide direction and motivation to their nursing unit in straddle to carry out desired actions and are focused on do sure that their staff are follo wing the correct policies and procedures in locate to maintain a safe workplace. Leadership in nursing maintains graceful policies and procedures, exclusively the main focus is on influencing staff to accomplish goals. hold article aboutProduction ManagementNurse leaders inspire early(a)s to work in concert in quest of a shared goal, for instance, improved patient care. The halt leader is a faultfinding thinker, sets goals, uses entrapive communication, and recognizes the emotional needs of others (Roskoski, 2012). Nurse leaders carry out any changes that are to be do that have been implemented by counseling. Scottsdale Healthcare is an organization of magnet status and is continuously striving to find ways in which to improve patient happiness and quality of care.As of October 2011, Scottsdale Healthcare implemented bedside field in order change magnitude patient satisfaction providing the patient and family knowledge in regards to their circumstance and plan of care in order to set goals for the patients recovery and gives them the efficiency to ask questions. Prior to bedside report taking effect, management gathered all employees from the unit going over what is to be expected and how bedside report was non only taking effect on our unit alone, but hospital wide.Nursing leaders knew that they had a situation at reach out due to the fact that nursing staff was so comfortable in giving report at the nurses station and did non want to wake the patient or deal with a family member, but they remained positive and encouraged staff that this would dramatically change our satisfaction scores. In maintaining patient satisfaction scores, the hospital would condition for reimbursement from Medicare. The nurse leaders were the ones who made the transition a smooth process, as the managers unspoilt informed staff how things were going to be.The nurse leaders give others the ability to understand the vision, informing those of why they are being aske d to do things, and how it relates to the bigger picture (The residual surrounded by leadership and management, 2012). In order to maintain magnet status, managers and nurse leaders must(prenominal) work together in order to meet the necessary requirements. With implementing bedside report, not only have patient satisfaction scores increased, the rapport between patient and nurse and quality of care has increased as well.Organizations such as Scottsdale Healthcare are recognized for treating their employees with respect and encourage educational growth in offering tuition reimbursement. With upholding magnet status, organizations are able to keep their employees when given the ability to offer such programs. This writer has been an employee at Scottsdale Healthcare for five years now and has seen many changes take effect on the unit implemented by the nurse manager striving to increase patient satisfaction. Changes that have occurred on the unit consist of edside reporting, hourl y rounding, and updated white boards for patient information, just to name a few. Within the past(a) couple of months, patient satisfaction scores have decreased and management is not happy. The nurse managers have informed staff that if hourly rounding, bedside reporting, and modify white boards are not being completed employees will be reprimanded. The nurse managers have been going into patient rooms asking the patients if their nurse has been performing the tasks as listed above, and take it upon themselves to tell the patient that if these tasks are not being performed, then the nurse could possibly be terminated.With all the ban feedback from the managers, nurses are becoming burned out. The nurse managers want to see an increase in outcomes, but drive to do so is lacking from constant negative feedback. At the last staff meeting, we were informed that if patient outcomes did not increase, then we need to start looking for employment because there are other individuals out there that would love to have our position. On the other hand, the nurse leaders acknowledge the irritation of decreased satisfaction scores, but go above and beyond to build up morale for a positive change.Those who take the time to listen to others and incorporate ways to improve issues on the unit are considered as participatory leaders. This leadership drift includes the leader and one or more employees in the decision qualification process (Leadership Styles, 2010). As a team, the nurse leader and employees will be able to come up with a plan on ways to improve patient satisfaction, with the nurse leader having the final say. All in all, managers and nurse leaders ultimately have the same goal it is just the difference in approaches and how one handles stress.A nurse leader wants to provide attention in any way possible, they are creative and remain positive, whereas, nurse managers will stay completely focused on improving situations and are more controlling not providing a ny assistance. This writer believes that she is a correct leader than manager. Participatory leadership is this writers way of dealing with situations at hand. Effective communication and taking into consideration the feelings of others along with providing a helping hand whenever in need is of upmost importance to this writer.A way that patient satisfaction scores could increase on the unit that this writer works on is if the managers took a different approach in how they speak to their staff creating a different vibe on the floor rather than biting your applauder every time you see their face. However, it is very possible that due to the commercial enterprise we provide care to, a lot of them suffer addiction problems and much times request more medications than what we are able to give. These unhappy patients are more than likely the ones who return the patient satisfaction surveys, therefore, resulting in abject satisfaction scores.Leadership and management play an importan t role in the nursing process, but their focus is different depending on the situation. Nurse managers and leaders attain for doing the right thing and doing things right. With the dramatic and rapid changes in healthcare today, possessing critical thinking, active listening, and coping skills are essential in the nursing workforce. Together, leaders and managers need to imagine the future and lead the way to a procreative and well-organized unit with satisfied employees in order to maintain magnet status. References ANCC Magnet Designation. (2012). Meridian Health.Retrieved November 16, 2012, from http//www. meridianhealth. com/MH/ForHealthProfessionals/NursingAtMeridian/ANCCMagnetDesignation. cfm Leadership Styles. (2010). Big Dog and Little Dogs Performance Juxtaposition. Retrieved November 16, 2012, from http//www. nwlink. com/donclark/leader/leadstl. html Roskoski, J. (2012). What Is Nursing Leadership?. eHow. Retrieved November 16, 2012, from http//www. ehow. com/about_65793 87_nursing-leadership_. html The difference between leadership and management. (2012). Strategies for Nurse Managers. Retrieved November 16, 2012, from http//www. strategiesfornursemanagers. com/ce_detail/208037. cfm

Annotated Bibliography †the Great Gatsby Essay

Stoddard, T. Lothrop. Encyclopedia of Race and Racism. Ed. John Hartwell Moore. Vol. 3. Detroit Macmillan Reference USA, 2008. 100-101. 24 Nov, 2010-11-25.Stoddard declares in his article the comparison between The Rising Tide of wile against White WorldSupremacy and The expectant Gatsby in a reek to signify wealthy careless heap in tip age. Stoddard suggests that how blank race was considered as the supreme race and Tom says Have you necessitate The Rise of the Colored Empires by this man Goddard? he asks the unfermenteds narrator, indicating that its a fine book and everybody ought to read it. The idea is that if the bloodless race isnt careful, they will be utterly submerged. In the bulk of his article, Stoddard compares his article to F. Scott Fitzgeralds essay and notifies his ideas on racist subject that was erect in the novel The Great Gatsby and calls it a scientific stuff. Also, he dialog about the wealthy people being careless and their lifestyles in the jazz age . Stoddard declares that its been proved that Fitzgerald has a great imagination which can be observed in his play The Great Gatsby.Dawson, Charlene. The American dream and the Great Gatsby by Charlene Dawson Helium. Helium Where Knowledge Rules. 24 Nov. 2010. .Charlene Dawson mentions the American dream as The Never-Satiated inspiration. Every character in The Great Gatsby has a American dream and some are already living it. Dawson describes that the characters in this novel get int understand the true meaning of American Dream which is working hard and fulfilling your dreams. She explains further that sometimes in life you dont achieve everything even though you worked hard for it. She uses the example of Jordan baker who is a golf player and she can do anything to win. In the novel, slit describes Jordan as incurably dishonest. She wasnt able to endure being at a disadvantage, and given this unwillingness I suppose she had begun dealing in subterfuges when she was very you ng in order to keep that cool trashy smile turned to the world and yet satisfy the demands of her hard suave body (63). Charlene Dawson also points towards the never ending contentment in people which leads them towards destruction.

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Influence & Detachment in the Picture of Dorian Gray

In Oscar Wildes unless novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, many sees are at play throughout the book. The relationships between the characters are all about the lure they have on each others demeanor. However, out of them all, unmatched of the characters stands out as a more detached figure who has know the ruse of influencing without being influenced by others himself Lord enthalpy Wotton.To study the distinct forms of influences in the book, we shall depression focus on the connection between art and influence before turning to the study of the influence of Lord hydrogen and common basil on Dorian, to finally discuss the effect of all the influences on Dorian and debate over whether Dorian can be considered as an evil character at the end of the book. The outset character who embodies the link between art and influence is Sybil. From the start, Sybil is a character that is only show through her art.She is an actress and all her living is devoted to acting to the point that the verge between her life and her act is non al steerings very wrap up to her and to the reader. She even makes her story with Dorian sounds like a fairy relation depicting him as a prince, Prince Charming, coming to rescue them from Mr. Isaacs to whom they owe money We dont expect him any more, Mother. Prince Charming rules life for us now. Just like Dorian, Sybil is a sort of mental home which accounts for her suggestibility. She is what her grow and Mr.Isaacs made her. Her mother does not want her to think of any involvement but her acting and because she ignores everything about material life, she lives the roles she plays as real life which is precisely what makes her much(prenominal) a great actress. And it is her talent as an actress that arouses Dorians invade. Yet, by enabling Sybil to discover the vanity of acting through her discovery of real love, Dorian ruins Sybils talent. And by ruining her talent he ruins his interest in her which leads him to despis e her and leave her.Clearly, Dorians influence on Sybils life and art is crucial but she is not the only character influenced by Dorian. Dorians depiction is described in the book as sweet basils masterpiece and it is so because common basil had never been as animate by a subject before. The first time common basil saw Dorian he tried to suspend showd aver him and justifies his doing so by saying that he did not want any external influence in his life. This sheds light on the fact that he already knew before even talking to Dorian that his influence on him and his art would be so great.And it is the very influence of Dorian that enabled Basil to reach a new level in his creation. Not only has Dorian allowed Basil to achieve the best thing he has ever done according to Lord hydrogen in image Dorians portrait but he has also inspired him in every piece of art he has painted since he met Dorian, as shown in this extract Some subtle influence passed from him to me, and for the first time in my life I saw in the excess woodland the wonder I had always looked for, and always missed. It is clear that meeting Dorian is a real turning point in Basils artistic life. However Dorian cannot be described as a mere source of inspiration to Basil he is his mull over who involves more than inspiration but also adoration and idolatry. The extent of Dorians influence on Basils art and life is made obvious when Basil does not want to expose the portrait and says I have put too much of myself into it.When Lord Henry asks Basil more details on how he met Dorian and how it changed dramatically his life as an artist, it becomes clearer and clearer that Basil sentiments for Dorian are feelings of love. And those feelings bring Basil to contradict himself on what he thinks art should be. After being so eloquent on Dorians influence on his art, he seems to regret the way he felt and thought and explains that he was inadvisable of thinking so Even now I cannot help feeling that it is a mistake to think that the passion one feels in creation is ever really shown in the work one creates. After adopting that way of thinking, Basils painting gradually goes off as Henry later says It seemed to me to have lost something (). When you and he ceased to be great friends, he ceased to be a great artist. If Dorians portrait is Basils masterpiece, the portraits role in the story is not limited to being a great piece of art and the sketch can be considered as a character in its own right.

Privacy And Surveillance In It

The development in instruction Technology (IT) plays an important role in the greater interaction and parley of people in various parts of the globe. During the process of conversation, the exchange of individualized development could not be pr howeverted among people. However, this kind of activity also venture the seclusion of people beca utilization the emergence of the Internet and other technological tools adjudge made it possible to have easy access to education even the ones that are consider as private. Being the case, it is important that covert and man successionment in IT is given due attention. secrecy is defined as . . . he saki that individuals have in sustaining a individualised space, free from interference by other people and organizations (Clarke, 1999). Nevertheless, according to Brock Meeks (1999) the privacy of people during this information age is being eaten away and is already dead because of the various means that could be used in order to infr inge upon it. Cyberspace is invading the privacy of individuals and this could be seen through spam, cookies, and the clickstream. However, there are also invasion of privacy that could be detrimental to the aegis of a person like the real-time person-location technologies (Clarke, 1999).Further more(prenominal), good issues have also emerged in the exchange of information and communication of people especially in the study. Employees are expecting their privacy would be prise in the e-mails that they exchange with other people but this is sometimes not satisfied because of the need of the company to control and monitor the flow of information in the workplace (Weisband and Reinig, 1995). As such, this has become one of the most debated ethical as well as legal issues that need to be addressed.Personal information privacy is the ability to control information about oneself is becoming more important than ever (Millberg et. al, 1995). In relation to this, there are some(prenomi nal) preventive measures and laws that could be implemented in order to protect the privacy of individuals. Some of the programs that protect the privacy of people in relation with the use of the Internet are the Privacy Preference Project (P3P) which is a transparent automated way of controlling the use of personal information on websites, file encryption, firewalls, and access control systems (Quinn, 2005).The Australian government has its Australian Privacy Act that is mainly responsible in controlling privacy matters in the country (Australian Privacy Foundation, 2009). Moreover, surveillance of the flow of information in the workplace and other organizations is still debatable but it is indeed helpful in protecting the privacy of people against those who would want to have access of their personal information. However, surveillance in IT should also be responsibly used for security purposes only and not to cause harm to other people.

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“Macbeth” and “Brave New World” Comparison Essay Essay

Freedom and individualisation are a significant component of coetaneous society, however there are hu legion(predicate) parts of the globe where these base human rights are non granted.The lack of these basic rights are clear demonstrated in the novel Brave New in truthity by Aldous Huxley and the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare. The leaders of many societies are unbidden to pass on innocent pop offs in collection for society to function according to their visions. many a nonher(prenominal) leaders are willing to sacrifice the freedom of the people in range for society to elapse the way they trust. Furthermore, even the individuals making up the society are quite willing to sacrifice their souls in order to live in an imaginary world. As long as they encompass happiness to be present they are very content to live there. To live in the utopian imaginary worlds of Brave New piece and Macbeth, freedom and individuation are often sacrificed.Sacrifice is often a n ecessity when attempting to create utopian societies. However, these sacrifices are not becoming to induce every individual within the society. One of these individuals is Bernard, who was going to be transportd to Iceland by the director, because he does not believe in the society that individuals by and by crossway believed in. Even though Bernard was conditioned when he was a tike, he could not accept what all the other individuals believed. Unlike the other individuals, Bernard has stunted growing and often felt isolated from the equilibrium of society. Further alienating Bernard from the rest of society is his rejection of the promiscuous nature present in his society.He in addition exhibits the various characteristics of men who existed before Ford. Bernard Marx did not believe in the everyone belonged to everyone subject area that was the norm in Fords society. The director takeed to exile Bernard Marx because he did not believe in the society that the director was enforcing. However, Bernard felt strong enough to meet and overcome affliction, strong enough to face even Iceland. (Huxley 106). This outlook was one of the many factors which set Bernard apart from the rest of society.Another man who sets himself apart from society is Macbeth. He plots and succeeds in killing fairy Duncan by and by hearing the witchs prophecies.Macbeths reasons for killing King Duncan are numerous but close striking are greed and an unrelenting desire to become King. He also wants to shuffle sure that he runs the country as he saw fit. Macbeth allows the prophecies to control him and his internal struggle is demonstrated by This otherworldly soliciting Cannot be ill cannot be good if ill why hath it devoted me earnest of success (Shakespeare 27). Despite his initial reluctance, he quiets his conscience prima(p) to the brutal murder of King Duncan. I claim through the human action (Shakespeare 70). Both stories show similarity between the Director and Ma cbeth, who are willing to sacrifice innocent lives to obtain the society they want.Wanting and achieving the society that is conceive of is always paralleled with loss and some sort of sacrifice. Bernard Marx sacrifices the little value that he has by bringing commode Savage back to the utopian society. Bernard and rump both want the society to be more indep poleent. Fortunately for Bernard and regrettably for the director, society accepts John and questions their own lifestyle. Bernard believes that life should be exactly the identical as John wants it to be I dont want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness, I want sin.(Huxley 237) Bernard besidesk a huge attempt in bringing John back to his society because he was risking certain(prenominal) exile to Iceland had society rejected John. Macbeth sacrifices his peace of mind and self-respect by killing Banquo and trying to kill Banquos son Fleance. At the feast Macbeth makes a f ool of himself by talking to the imaginary haunt of Banquo.Blood hath been pour forth now, I the olden time, Ere human statute purged the gentle weal Ay, and since too, muders have been performed Too terrible for the ear the time has been, That when the brains were out, the man would die, And there an end but now, they rise again, With twenty mortal murders on their crowns, And push us from our stools this is more strange Than such a murder is.(Shakespeare 145) some(prenominal) individuals take grade of Macbeths strange behavior leading them to suspect him of some foul deed. regrettably for Macbeth, Macduff realizes that Macbeth is the true murderer. This realization leads to the eventual killing of Macbeth. This illustrates Macbeths sacrifice of his self respect and his life in order to fulfill hisprophecy.Many individuals are willing to sacrifice their souls in order to become part of the imaginary world where only happiness exists. John Savages mother, Linda, sacrifices her li fe by taking too much of a drug referred to as soma. Linda wants to get away from the real world and enter a world of happiness. Ever since she had a child with the Director her life changed for the worse.So the best people were quite dogged not to see Linda. And Linda, for her part, had no desire to see them. The return to acculturation was for her the return to soma, was the possibility of lying in bed and taking holiday after holiday, without ever having to come back to a headache or a fit of vomiting, without ever being made to feel as you always felt after peyotl, as though youd done something so shamefully anti-social that you could never hold up your head again. build played none of these unpleasant tricks. The holiday it gave was perfect and, if the morning after was disagreeable, it was so, not intrinsically, but only by comparison with the joys of the holiday. The remedy was to make the holiday continuous. Greedily she clamoured for ever larger, ever more frequent dos es. Dr. Shaw at first demurred then let her have what she wanted. She took as much as twenty grammes a day (Huxley 107)Lenina introduces the drug to Linda as soon as Linda enters the world after Ford.Linda looses her life and dies at the hospital because of an overdose of soma, the drug that is supposed to provide happiness. bird Macbeth also sacrifices her peace of mind and ultimately her life so that Macbeth could be King. Lady Macbeth sets up the killing of King Duncan at the beginning of the novel. Throughout the novel, Lady Macbeth becomes involved in many of the murders committed by Macbeth. Unfortunately Lady Macbeth experiences a sleepwalking distemper with recurring nightmares of the murder of King Duncan that could not be resolved. This disease is beyond my practice yet I have known those which have walked in their sleep who have died holily in their beds.(Shakespeare 213). The lives of Linda and Lady Macbeth can also be viewed as victims of the utopian societies envisi oned by the director and Macbeth.Freedom and individuality are sacrificed throughout Brave New World andMacbeth in order to achieve the societies envisioned by the director and Macbeth. The director tried to exile Bernard just because Bernard did not accept the norm of the utopian society. Macbeth kills King Duncan after hearing the witchs prophecies of him being King so that he can run society the way he wants. Bernard sacrifices his respect by bringing John Savage back home. Macbeth also sacrifices his respect when he talks to the ghost of Banquo. Linda puts her soul on the line with an overdose of a drug called soma. Lady Macbeth also sacrifices her life in order for Macbeth to be King of Scotland. Many individuals throughout Brave New World and Macbeth sacrifice their freedom and individualism for the society that they believed in, even if it was not the society that was accepted by the volume of people.BibliographyShakespeare, William, Date Modified 1999, MacbethHuxley, Aldous , Date Modified 1979, Brave New World

Environmental Conflicts In Literature

Conflicts atomic number 18 a very prominent element in literature. If you were to look up the dictionary definition of conflict, you would find that it is a struggle, controversy, or fight. Conflicts whoremaster bewilder whiley forms, and each has its own place in literature. Environmental conflicts ar certainly one of the more recognized and appreciated types of conflicts. They be halcyon to identify, understand, and analyze. An environment can be described as ones surroundings, so logically, an environmental conflict is a conflict with ones surroundings. Environmental conflicts pit man against a greater former, and it is unsure what will happen next.Throughout good literature, a massive array of environmental conflicts can be found. Let us pullulate a look at Leiningen Versus the Ants, by Carl Stephenson. In this story, environmental conflicts are exceedingly prevalent. In fact, the entire story is built upon the act of beau ideal that Leiningen faces. A twenty square mi le army of ants threatens Leiningens plantation and his life. The ants shew to be a formidable opponent, even for a man of such cunning as Leiningen. They represent the power and unpredictability of naturea perfect fashion model of an environmental conflict. non all environmental conflicts are huge, apocalyptic, catastrophic events. They can be as simple or commonplace as a channelise falling. Such is the case in The Interlopers, by Saki. Saki recognizes the power of nature, and makes use of something so unimportant as a fallen tree to trap Ulrich and Georg beneath it, and dramatically alter the course of the entire story. Not only that, but at the end of the story, Saki uses wolves to change the focus of the story once more, and this time he creates some irony as well.In almost all cases, the environment does triumph over man in some way or an separate(prenominal). To Build a Fire, by Jack London is a prime example of this happening to a large extent. A man and his bounder ar e lost in the wilderness at sub-zero temperatures, and he is not only involved in an environmental conflict, but a struggle to live. Eventually the man dies of hypothermia. Again, this is another instance that illustrates the power that nature has over us. Ironically, (as if to drive the point home) the mans dog survives.It is safe to say that environmental conflicts are a truly fantastic and important addition to the literary world. They give the reader a brain of awe toward nature and its power. We cannot predict what nature will do, nor can we turn away its supremacy. Because of this, environmental conflicts are often more captivating and suspenseful than other types, and we find a great deal of enjoyment and entertainment from them.

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Aids: the Silent Killer

support The Silent Killer Introduction AIDS is unrivalled of the most comm lonesome(prenominal) k directn sexually transmitted distempers. The last stages of human immunodeficiency virus, humanity Immunodeficiency Virus, are what we know as AIDS, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. human immunodeficiency virus is mistakable to other viruses a deal the flu or common cold except the human resistive system tailnot destroy the virus. The virus can felled seam in the cells of the personate for long periods of time and attacks important parts of the immune system like T-cells or CD4 cells.Once human immunodeficiency virus destroys a lot of CD4 cells the human body can no longer fight against infections and diseases. AIDS is diagnosed when the body cannot fight against disease and the patient has one or more special(prenominal) opportunistic infections (OIs), unlike types of cancer, or an extremely low number of CD4 cells. human immunodeficiency virus lives in specific human sub scriber line and other body fluids. If those fluids enter the human blood stream then it is infected with human immunodeficiency virus. Blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, breast milk, vaginal fluids, and rectal mucous contain high levels of human immunodeficiency virus.Waste products like feces, nasal fluid, saliva, sweat, tears, urine, and vomit contain human immunodeficiency virus but not enough to infect someone unless blood is mingled with the waste products and there is direct contact with them. pile can put human immunodeficiency virus from anyone who is HIV irrefutable or infected with the disease. 7 HIV affects most bulk from having sexual intercourse with an HIV positive person, communion a needle with someone who is infected, drinking the breast milk of a HIV positive woman, or being birthed from a HIV positive woman. People used to get AIDs from injected blood donors, but now donated blood is screened for HIV. 9 Oral sex is another way people can get AIDs, but only if there are splay sores in your mouth or bleeding gums. 10 Discussion HIV/AIDs did not come about until the early 1980s. The United States was the offshoot country to notice this different virus among homosexual males. 11 No one had any clue what this new virus was, it must lay down been terrifying attempting to treat an unknown disease considering you would not know how to cling to yourself from the disease as well.In 1982, scientists discovered that AIDS remains a sexually transmitted disease. Not until 1984 did researchers conclude that AIDS is caused by HIV. 12 Although HIV has become somewhat maintainable, during the early years of the AIDs virus a vaccine seemed impossible, and with almost 30 years since the virus first budded its indicate there is still no vaccine. 13 As I verbalise earlier HIV is a virus, specifically a retrovirus. Retroviruses contain ribonucleic acid for their genetic material, but once someone is infected the virus uses an enzyme called transcriptase to turn RNA into DNA. 4 The virus then continues to replicate itself.15 People usually do not realize they have HIV because it is a lentivirus and there is usually a long period of time between the time of infection and the sign of serious symptoms. 16 Animals have similar versions of HIV that have made good but not hone models of how HIV works. 17 HIV replicates at impeccable speeds creating billions of new HIV viruses to infect the body every day. 18 The virus is able to mutate and evolve which makes it that much harder to defeat the virus. 9 The CD4 cells and T cells are undo daily by HIV which eventually causes the immune system to domesticize or defeat infections. 20 HIV is able to hide in the cytoplasm of the cell that it infects or makes its way into the cells chromosomes. 21 The virus does this to hide from the immune system so it will not be destroyed. 22 Some drugs have been found to suppress HIV but cannot get rid of it because of HIVs ability to hide in other cells. 23 Conclusion There is currently no cure for AIDS, but there are treatments available to prolong an HIV/AIDS patient from becoming extremely ill.The main treatment for HIV or AIDS is the antiretroviral drug. 24 This drug needs to be taken daily in order to keep HIV levels low in the body. 25 Patients usually use combination therapy, taking two or more antiretroviral drugs, so that HIV does not become immune to the drug. 26 AIDS is a very deadly syndrome derived from an evil virus. HIV/AIDS is a powerful silent killer. Everyone should be tested for HIV because that is the only way to find out if you have the virus.